Sell On EBay From Latin America? – E-commerce Via Small Business

The answer to the title question is: Yes, it is possible to sell on ebay from Latin America, in fact it is only possible through auction sites, so we can make our own virtual store from and to anywhere in the world and use these auction sites as an alternative sales channel to our store, all made possible through the system called Drop-shipping: Although this system is not well known in not find much information in Spanish, in many countries is drop-shipping a system widely used by many in the Internet business, and in the case of Latin America is in my opinion one of the best alternatives for marketing all types of products as they do not require much investment, no need to have products in stock, no import or export costs, or required to do any office. In what is drop-shipping? It is basically a wholesale business under which we distributors, which allows us have below-market prices. These wholesalers (drop-shippers) is responsible for maintaining inventory to our distribution partners (us) and provide us with all information as a description and photos of products, when the customer buys us through our publications or on auction sites through our stores, we received the money in advance (at market price) and then with that money we pay to our drop-shipper (distribution price), we give the direction of our client and it sends the product on behalf of us or our online store, and earn the difference between the price of distribution and market price. It is one of the few business systems allows us to make money before investing, because it need not pay in advance for the merchandise we sell. Only need to choose the products that we put in our online shop or auction sites like eBay, among others and start selling without having these products. Since we pay the dealer only after our clients pay us. No investment in storage space for inventory, because the drop-shipper is responsible for storing our products. I guess if you’re from Latin America have questions like: Is it necessary to have a verified paypal account to start a business through Drop-shipping? How do I access the money donated through this system in my local currency? How do I contact the Drop-shippers? What products should I choose to sell through this system? If you have any of the above questions or any additional questions or just want to know more about the subject, the conference for free download.