Choose Investment Project

Search for the investment or how to choose an investment project. The choice of investments, how to calculate the risk and calculate the cost of the project with a small deviation from the actual implementation? Many of these issues are constantly worried about the investor. The financial viability of the project, with the same project with the same data in different ways influence the choice of the investor. Suppose we have a project, good looking project, and we create a business plan hope all performance indicators, but when receiving the result, we get different results for the project owner, the investor of the project, and project manager, because the business plan alone, but the views on project are different. For example, the project owner pays attention to the net income minus the project equity, dividends, interest payments and so on, because the owner of the project are interested in earnings, which he will receive for the project, as well as looking at a project lender, investor? An investor invests money in a project looking at the internal rate of return because it is the interest that he can recapture from project, if we assume an investor comes to the company and begins to offer investors a profitable business, the percentage that an investor wishes to receive from the project, of course, comes from the internal rate of return for this course investor, because the internal rate of return – is the highest percentage generated by the project, that the investor is well, then the owner is not good. Investor pays attention to the overall project generated cash flow, it must know where he can at any moment to take money and leave the project, leaving the project on their own. This is one of the types of project risks, the views on the project from all its members are different, and this point must keep in mind.


And that we should look at the whole situation to see new opportunities and develop the system collective activities of his subjects as a whole. The king laughed at the sage and continue to put out fires and prop up the falling roof. A wise man went to the king of a neighboring state, and, after brief reflection principle found solution of similar problems, he suggested to the king to increase his power and influence of its neighbors to the people to build roads and create conditions for the smooth implementation of trade within his kingdom. Through some time the state began to flourish, and captured the territory of the king who refused to listen to the sage. Refusal of a systemic approach, a desire to break the situation in a holistic set of independent tasks and find a solution for each of them separately – so you can be called a defect described thinking.

Analyzing the five described in this text defective thinking, I want to emphasize what is common to characterize them all. These defects demonstrate that the continuous process of thinking, the vast majority of owners and top managers of the business is missing. By a continuous process of thinking I see constant activity in the area of thinking, divided into the following steps: 1) The situation in general, the ability to see and describe the situation as a system of interacting subjects, conditions, rules, regulations, trends, and objective circumstances. 2) A clear definition of self-interest in the situation, as well as the interests of other participants. 3) Articulating own goal in the situation, as well as those of other participants. 4) The definition of the project, plan and program of action to achieve goals. 5) Choice for each of the methods and means for its enforcement, by itself, taking action, the analysis of local results of each action.

The Federal Migration Service

Today, many employers hire foreigners. To work in Moscow, the alien must have a work visa and registration. their validity period is usually one year. Upon expiration of these documents, foreign worker must register again. Registration of foreign citizens is the place of residence in the Russian Federation. If the alien has changed residence, the registration procedure is necessary to pass again. A foreign citizen is allowed to conduct career if he has a permit to work in the city where he resides (stays).

There is a notion of temporary registration of foreign citizens. It issued for a definite period of residence of a citizen in the Russian Federation, with an entry visa. If you have a work permit, then the registration is made before the expiry of work permits. In Moscow, Foreign labor is highly valued. This is due to its deshiviznoy. All that should a foreign worker – this is a temporary registration and work permits. The very process of obtaining a work permit and long enough for the different categories of people has its own characteristics.

CIS citizens are permitted to work unless they have permission from the Federal Migration Service of Russia in the city of Moscow or the Moscow region. For citizens abroad, as well as Turkmenistan and Georgia, this process is more complicated. The work permit is issued to them only after the consent of the territorial employment service. To register, identification and migration card and plastic card, if you have permission to work. Registration period is usually from 3 to 12 months. A foreign citizen who arrived in Russia in order to work must have a work permit. A work permit for foreigners – a document authorizing work at the territory of the Russian Federation, which issued a special government commission. Registration of foreign citizens The Federal Migration Service. FMS also issues permits for foreign labor and affirms the right of employment of foreign citizens in Russia. By law, when granting a work permit an employer must provide the documents. A foreign citizen may begin to work, if all necessary documents and at least 18 years. Upon expiration of the work permit a foreign citizen is obliged to extend, or be fined from 2,500 to 5,000 rubles. According to the new position of registration of foreign nationals (foreign citizens abroad, citizens of Visa Waiver regime, the citizens of CIS) is conducted under the new standard form. It represents the FMS notice of the arrival of a foreign citizen. Registration Form CIS citizens and foreign nationals of other countries has changed since January 15, 2007 year.

Quality Management

But the kids were not with the science of guessing. There in the west, not in the wild, science – quality control Quality Management. We have the same difficulty in the translation to translate it as quality management, it came totally two different concepts, yet both have settled down and from them can not escape it. So Western science quality control is mentioned in the great grandfather of Karl Marx. Quality management means improving the quality of the five levels such as the financial, consumer, and so on.

Let us improve the quality of the consumer. According to statistics, if the consumer's satisfaction, then he will notify his six friends, so casually, even if it be asked where he got and so on, but if the consumer was not satisfied, he will notify the twelve men, but now with the presence of many more Internet and Forum talk about everything. So the question is, how our companies operate, if go to the beauty salon after reading the material do not want to index. If an employer presses all the juice for three months and then enters a new human resources into the bank, then again there are questions. For example, in the eighties, after the disco drunk guy came up to his car, opened the door and fell asleep on the seat, but this time the car crashed into another car. A guy fell asleep in the car Ford, and Ford had a trial to pay a hundred million dollars, although the court lasted for twenty years, but it does not matter. In Europe there is a presumption of guilt for producers, a manufacturer must prove that he is not maliciously damaged the consumer, and try it just does not pay, it will be eaten, no matter what the giant was not there.

We also need to collect a lot of evidence that still need to prove over and own expense. No wonder that in Western instructions for use spelled out clearly can not do with the product, and when a fault contact the service center address. We have solutions for problems concept, plus a soldering iron to choose. And it's really not funny. We still occupy 130 seats in standard of living, and although the country that has a really rich natural resources, but still not used intellectual resources. So for the development of our large reserve than necessary and use it.