The 130 m construction project is more than just a House. It is at the same time research project, dialogue platform, small power station, energy Manager, resource Depot, pensions and a contribution to modern building culture.” Two years this building under real-world conditions is used, scientifically tested, public display and inhabited beginning in 2012 by a family of four for a year. The renowned civil engineer and architect Prof. Dr. Werner Sobek is the Structural peculiarities of this plus model house in the “2nd Symposium energy plus building” in order to present the CEP. In combination with solar energy energy plus building make the best of the only form of energy that is available every day and everywhere freely and abundantly available. Often, the roof consists of a possible large-scale photovoltaic system and solar thermal collectors heat the domestic hot water. Also, the solar energy is another important focus of the CEP in Stuttgart.

“2012 this area will continue grow,”confirmed Sandra Bayer Teixeira, project manager of the CEP. Market leader in all product areas are represented in the exhibition and the Congress. But the CEP is not limited to the concept of energy plus building: “within the framework of the fair are all possibilities for new construction and energy-efficient building retrofits be it passive house solutions energy plus building, Sonnehaus, KfW building or buildings – presents,” stresses Sandra Bayer Teixeira. The passive house fair area focuses on growing from year to year main exhibition of the CEP and provides comprehensive information about the leading standard for energy-efficient construction and renovation. Passive houses are long since no experimental field.

They are recognized for their quality, their suitability for daily use and their effects are demonstrated. Throughout the EU there are currently 40,000 passive objects with over 14 million square meters. The CEP is therefore the passive house continues to focus both in the exhibition and the accompanying Professional conventions. So passive house e.V. will be on March 29, 2012 at the fair in cooperation with Pro held the Symposium “Passive house in practice for the housing industry”. The Conference deals with the acceptance, financing and economics of passive houses and shows projects from the housing industry. Numerous renowned companies from the passive business such as AEREX Haustechnik Systeme GmbH, UNIPOR brick Marketing GmbH, the Pan cleaning technology GmbH & co. KG, Wiegand window construction, the Isolohr GmbH, the Variotec sandwich elements GmbH & co. KG, the Ludwig Haussler GmbH or the Schrag GmbHsind in the exhibition area of the CEP represented. Free lectures in various forums, as well as free energy advice from independent experts on the energy Island complete the exhibition of the CEP. The passive house Forum offers manufacturers the opportunity to present themselves and their products to a well-informed audience. On the investor day, an event organized in cooperation with greenX latest architects inform Trends and technologies in the Niedrigstenergiehausbau. The fair programme is rounded off by guided exhibition tours, the Pro passive house e.V. free of charge for visitors offering CEP.

Marburger PIUS

1 year Hessen-PIUS Eschborn, 11 March 2010 – production-integrated environmental protection (PIUS) sounds complicated and complicated things are usually expensive so the expectation in many companies. Learn more on the subject from Richard Elman. But all their costs reduced by more than 30 companies, which have used the Hessen-PIUS advisory programme since its launch a year ago. Jurgen Muller, Managing Director of RKW Hessen GmbH, which carries out the PIUS advisory programme funded by the Hessian Ministry of Economics and the EU, draws a positive balance. \”Still we have to do persuasion, to win companies for a PIUS consultation. Because to put environmental protection in the context of economic benefits, seems many first unthinkable. However, these reservations melt after a first consultation in the company most of the time very quickly\”, he reported.

Jurgen Muller is not a type that tends to exaggerate. Rather, he knows that there are very different conditions in companies, the blanket statements about possible savings in Euros and cents do not allow. \”But if a PIUS Advisory takes a farm in appearances, he can estimate very quickly, where the potential, in order to save costs,\” explains Jurgen Muller. So there are companies where alone through organizational changes, without any financial investment yearly savings of more than 100,000 euros. The Salzer GmbH is a good example of this.

The Marburger specialist of security solutions saves more than 150,000 euros alone through optimized material returns, an improved ordering, as well as a more efficient use of compressed air machines a year. In other cases, investments are worth already after a short time. The payback periods are between less than one year up to five years. The Herborner Pumpenfabrik provides an example of this. Thanks to a new heating system and the decoupling of alien used rooms of the gas connection of the utility was possible a new heating concept. So, the pump manufacturer achieved savings of more than 1,000,000 Kilowatt hours and about 62,500 euros a year.


RWE pumping millions in energy-intensive delicacy Hagen westf/food February 16, 2010 after infratest has found in a study that every second customer of the electricity companies considering Eon, RWE, EnBW and Vattenfall, first and foremost for price reasons to switch providers, encouraged the economic expert and accountant Jurgen Obodo from Hagen / Westphalia the consumer to an Anbieterkarussel, which should take into account the environmental behavior of the current giants. The website of Verivox compare daily over 9000 electricity tariffs and a free change takes just a few minutes and be totally unproblematic, so place Muller. This ver Vox as a service offers also a green electricity comparison calculator. Eco power products, dispenses with an admixture of electricity from nuclear power plants, and 100% on renewable energy from hydroelectric and wind turbines, used to small amounts of solar energy, geothermal energy and biomass. A green electricity tariff of the corporate giant but also involves the cost of delivered energy of nuclear – and coal-fired power plants. To the most famous eco-electricity suppliers in Germany include bright spot, Greenpeace energy, EW Schonau, Entega and the power mixer.

Verivox indicates that the consumer contribution in Liege by the partly more expensive eco-electricity tariff investments are supported in new regenerative systems to the current Lake in the long term to get rid of fossil and nuclear energies and to improve the electricity mix. Comparisons would show that green electricity tariffs are often cheaper than the standard or basic supply tariffs of local providers. So, you could save money and still protect the environment. Economist place Muller, but also the individual environmental behavior of the energy giants wants to have acknowledged: in particular the RWE have not exactly covered itself in recent years with consumer and environmental glory. In addition to several investigations of the Cartel Office because of possible price-fixing, but were reinstated, the RWE Rhein-Ruhr AG pumps 2008 EUR 5 million in the energy-intensive RWE delicacy in the Duisburg Zoo since the year. Such nonsensical sponsor services should benefit rather the environment and thus all consumers, especially Dolphinariums are discontinued models in terms of conservation.” Journal society GmbH press agency