Simone Draxler With New Images At SaltoTemporale

The artist Simone Draxler shows her new paintings at SaltoTemporale in Frankfurt/Main, because the artist shows her paintings like “normal”business of art”Jen has. Since December 2007, the artist Simone Draxler, art Office Frankfurt, goes with the founders of SaltoTemporale, Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz 11, to show their art 60594 Frankfurt am Main, new ways. Behind design objects, antiques and works of Heinz Kreutz, painter of the Frankfurt artists group Quadriga, it shows pictures from their current ranks: WZzR, ENTROPY, and the fifth element. Recently, the large acrylic work find space in a loft-like retail space, elaborately designed by SaltoTemporale for sale by “Objects of the way of life”. And this, noticed as the artist on the occasion of the opening in December, finally with a sales concept that in Frankfurt seems not only unique, but also finally brings something new in the context of space and art. About Simone Draxler: Simone Draxler, lives and works in Frankfurt am Main and in Salzburg.

in 1983, she began painting. Solo exhibitions in Cologne and Frankfurt in 1991 earned her the first major successes. Followed by further exhibitions and art projects. in 2004 she founded the “tempsartgallery”, which makes it possible for companies to install a series of images of the artist in selected business areas on time. in 2006, she founded her present-day art Office Frankfurt. Simone Draxler estimates but also their own private circle interested her art. Exactly this circle – off by “official gallery mode” – their art to make more accessible, she called the exhibition “come to Lake yellow world” 2003 DieZimmerGalerie on the Kaiserplatz square in Frankfurt am Main in life; a project for a selected circle of art in an intimate setting.