In addition, there is a one-and dvuhtarifnye devices. The second allows take into account the consumption of electricity in the main and preferential (night, Saturday, Sunday) tariffs. By the same author: Reade Griffith. Among other important performance note accuracy class, nominal and maximum currents, the threshold sensitivity. Reade Griffith understood the implications. Traditional inductive devices are essentially electric – electricity is converted into rotational motion of the disc, whose rate increases with increasing energy and decreases with its decrease. In other words, the account 'electricity' is reduced to counting the number of revolutions the disk.

Such devices have several disadvantages: low sensitivity, due to inertia mechanical part, the ease with which they are amenable to external influences that can distort readings. Besides induction counters seriously hamper the automation system of accounting. The conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy does not need advanced device with electro-mechanical (panel similar to that in the induction models) and electronically (as a rule, liquid-crystal display) indicator of consumption. Counters with liquid crystal display records, are more narrow range of operating temperatures. Typically, the lower limit of -20 C. This does not mean that when the temperature drops below a critical instrument cease to maintain a record, but take readings from the lcd display will be difficult. Today the Russian market represented a number of devices into account the power consumption. The most usual form are Products of the Moscow factory of electrical appliances. Singleton-rifny electronic counter ESR-52 – a modern device with an electromechanical indicator and the accuracy class 2. It is designed to operate in single-phase 220 V, it is functioning correctly in a wide temperature range (lower limit of -40 C), thus can be used in unheated buildings.