Poetry Contest

The 8th International Contest of Poetry and short stories may participate Bases 1 .- Argentine and foreign authors, located anywhere in the world. 2 .- The works must be written in Castilian. They must be unpublished and not selected as finalists in previous competitions of my writings. 3 .- Each participant will participate in both genders, with only one work by gender. The maximum extension is as follows: Poetry: up to 35 lines Story: up to 70 lines 4 .- Participation is free. 5 .- The participant works and data must be sent by email as follows: * In a word file (called "work") / s work / s to compete, diagrams for A4 paper, with font Times New Roman , size 12, (no special formatting to text: tabs, borders, shading, etc..), with symmetrical margins 3 cm each, without any author identification. * In another word file (known author), the full personal data of the participant: First and last name, complete address, telephone (landline and cellular), e-mail.

Those who do not have e-mail may send the work and data on a CD or diskette in the name of Beatriz Cristina Monte, Chiclana Av 3499, 3rd floor, Dept. B, ZIP 1260, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Those who do not have a PC, they can send their participation typed the address above. Do not send curriculum because it will not be taken into account when evaluating the project by the jurors. 6.-down the following prizes: 1st Prize – Plaque and Diploma 2nd to 5th prize – Medal and Diploma Honorable Mentions – Diploma Finalists – Certificate 7 .- The registration period closes on August 31, 2009, for which will consider the postmark date of mail, in appropriate cases. 8 .- The jury will consist of local writers. His decision is final.

9 .- Issues My Writings will pay for the editing of anthologies resulting from competition, by which to register the author is authorizing the publication of his work. The acquisition of copies of the anthology is not mandatory nor binding the results of the competition because it is produced in the same award ceremony. 10 .- The Award Ceremony and Official presentation of the Anthology will be held on time, place and time to nominate. 13 .- With the only involvement the author agrees to these bases. Any circumstances not covered by them shall be settled by My Writings in its sole discretion. 14 .- For inquiries contact