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In cases where it is impossible to place the pipeline so that the waste came by gravity, using the installation of forced channeling (Sewer pumping stations, CNN). Holes Suction-and discharge into a septic tank should be fitted with entry and exit, that is vertically arranged pipes with open ends. In landfill is preliminary mechanical filtering runoff, the suspended particles to precipitate, which, in turn, is subjected to a partial biological oxidation by anaerobic microorganisms. To this process had realized in full, the waste must be in the septic tank at least three days. From this period, calculated the required amount of septic tank. One person living in a cottage, accounting for about 200 liters of wastewater per day. For the cottage in which they live three to five people, take the norm value of 1 000 l, therefore, the volume of the septic tank should be 2.5-3 m 3. The number of sections in the septic tank is also determined by water flow in the cottage.

At daily volume of effluent to acquire one unit cubic meter of appropriate septic tanks, up to 2 m3 – two-and more than 2 m 3 – three-section. The main advantage of the latter is that most of the precipitation falls in the first chamber. Therefore, in the following sections fall runoff, being largely clarified. There is ongoing mechanical filtration, but there is no secondary pollution of wastewater degradation products previously precipitate, as in the case of a single partition. Therefore, manufacturers often create a treatment system with multi-settlers to improve the quality of primary treatment.