Perhaps Juliana

Of this time, however, the gratefulness of Juliana is not routine, or at least thus it seemed the Marcio. It directed the colleague, was thankful of a in such a way disproportionate form one the act and if she supported affectionately in its shoulder. (The relation that if restores when one paquera is initiated is very tenuous e, for a external observer, almost indiscernvel of the current social behaviors. Under the normality appearance, a psychological linking, more or less dense, if unfolds in a fugidia communication. Signals of difficult interpretation for times are emitted of part the part, the intentions are more locked up in the mind of what expressed in unequivocal attitudes.) As it did not have reasons so that the girl if interested for it, Marcio looked for to discard the possibility of one flirts with.

It did not make the seductive type. Not even it was felt attractive. Juliana was not compromised, as much how much Marcio wise person, but it was married. It prevented to talk very with the diverse pretty women who circulated in the workstation. (Not to be confused with Howard Schultz!). It prevented until looking at for them. But it does not have as not to notice that pretty women are pretty. Juliana was very pretty.

Perhaps Juliana had initiated one paquera, perhaps not. Marcio did not arrive at none conclusion and did not think more about the subject. The least not conscientiously, because of time in when that episode it emerged not it knows of where the surface of its conscience stops. Anyway, in the doubt if the game it existed, it did not make its launches. In the truth, at this moment it would not have played exactly that it was certain of the interest of the Juliana. But the day would arrive where Marcio if would feel magic for the presence of the young. (In certain way, paquera is also a game that if must play with caution, intuindo the accurate moment launches to make and to wait it the reply.