Konstantin Merzlyakov

For example, the rate for drivers younger than 22 years with less than three years will grow from 1.3 to 1.7. "All these changes we deem important and necessary, but we can assume that they are not sufficient to change the situation in the segment CTP ", – says Alexander Gurdus. Read more here: Ian Sinclair. Mandatory support from the CTP Speaking about the prospects of the market and CTP DSGO, experts point out that the amount of compulsory insurance is unlikely to decline, "Policy on CTP is compulsory, and therefore have to buy it" – said Elena Salahetdinova. However, considering the possible reduction in the solvency of the population in relation to financial and economic crisis, insurers, even in CTP will try to reduce the amount of the premium, for example by introduction of a period of at least a year or use the franchise. For more specific information, check out JPMorgan Chase. "The acquisition policies DSGO, in our view, must come down" – adds Helen Salahetdinova.

"The market DSGO came for one reason only, namely low liability limits for compulsory motor TPL insurance. After raising these limits – as it inevitably will, as Russia's entry into the "Green Card" makes this move is absolutely logical in the short term, when insurers faced with the realities of payments under the laws of EU member states – the market DSGO smoothly comes to naught ", – said Konstantin Merzlyakov. As for the prospects of the market in light of the financial crisis, it does not predict any significant changes as the person operating the vehicle, regardless of whether it will reduce the cost of its operation or not, you still need to have insurance CTP. "Demand for DSGO increases due to the fact that more drivers are faced with the fact that coverage for the CTP is often not enough "- does not accept Christian Curtis. The limit on compensation for damage to the vehicle for mandatory avtograzhdanki is 160 thousand rubles, which may not be enough in an accident with a road vehicle or if the accident was somewhat affected.