Heating Equipment KVE Boilers

Benefits to the electrode boiler KVE boilers of this type of third-party design features, as well as the materials of which they are made. The use of these materials allows better protect the boiler from corrosion and scale, and thus extend the service life and reliability. Most manufacturers produce their electrode boilers of conventional pipe material that is more susceptible to corrosion and the formation of plaque. Also, the lateral connecting tubes used in the construction of electric boilers of some producers complicate the erection and dismantling of reactors in when you first install, planned maintenance and unscheduled repairs. Benefits to the electrode boiler KVE TENovyh boilers is also evident. Electrode boiler efficiency is much higher than the efficiency of boilers and TENovyh up to 98% (ot15 to 30%) of energy expended. Due to its construction of an electrode boiler KVE is convenient and easy to maintain, much less expensive and more durable in operation.

You doubt the choice of heating system? Here you are some good arguments in favor of Heating Equipment KVE. Many people have asked for example – if the electric boiler KVE ninth, as he will run for an hour and do calculations with their consumption of 9 kW. This is not right, do not confuse with TENovyh electrode boiler. It TENovyh boiler provides a stable flow of electricity to its power constructively pledged to 9 kW, with at every turn on a certain amount of electricity consumed in the heating element itself. It talks about the inertia of the boiler.