Gift Oligarch

Do you have a friend the oligarch? Perhaps there is, once you have looked here! … or just out of curiosity? For me it's like hobnob with the , and it is generally impossible! But if you drive your friendship – get down to the choice of gift! Why not? The oligarchs are people too! That usually give to rich people? Handmade silk carpets, palace furniture, fixtures outlandish shapes, painting, jewelry, antiques … What could you give an oligarch – question, causing the brain to really boil! After all, you want to surprise and to give something that does not give nobody else! We reject the standard figurines, offices, massage chair, mobile, and other standard solutions. Let's think about what is not your oligarch. Contact information is here: Douglas R. Oberhelman. He has a peculiar us – ordinary people – the joy of life? Serenity, love of life, enjoying the beauty of the world, laughter, smiles, and tomfoolery, the joy of easy communication? If there is, in small quantities, because this always is not that time, the mood … what to say, we ourselves are often not up to it! So now think about what gift would be appropriate! In general, you can donate anything – the main thing with humor and without any meaning, such as a brick. Yes, a brick! Wrap it in pretty paper, ribbon and Attach label such as "better in hand than the head," or think of her! Boldly presented on a gilded platter with cover large and thick nail! If you want – a gold or any gift, a beautiful place and a note: "Hammer on everything," or sewer cover with the inscription "coin for luck!" As you can see here the main inscription, and then few people would be offended if, God forbid, another suspect bad intent. .