First Platform For Dentists, Patients And Dental Companies

With forum, dictionary, branches and videos is the best site for all subjects of dentistry. You would like to buy oral hygiene items and looking for a reasonably well-equipped pharmacy They have excruciating toothache and need a dentist You need a brace and can not find a capable orthodontist Now you only need to click and get extensive information on the first international portal for dental and dental! Since August last year, this is run by Alexander Schlosser, multimedia developers, designers and owner of ANS 9 Media garden, a Ldenscheider agency for internet portals, web directories and search engine optimization: “As I’ve noted, there is no professionally made platform this issue, the questions related to dentistry competently understood and answered. So I created a special portal, “The offer of includes: * a broad forum for the Encyclopedia of Dentistry, * Articles ofUniversities, dentists and dental companies on relevant products and the latest treatments, * an extensive Business Directory for Europe and the entire United States, * the idea of dentists, dental clinics and universities, * the description of dental companies * and professional online video. To dentists and dental companies waiting to also a special service in the form of the so-called ‘dental clubbing “: Membership in the CLUB facilitate access to future cooperation partners from the industry, but also from the fields of sports, wellness, lifestyle and business. The cooperation with the portal also offers great advantages for universities: professors and students to provide relevant articles and the university receives in exchange a free marketing campaign. It is envisaged also that members get the dental treatment area in the foreseeable future, online videos can. Currently, the services of only in GermanLanguage offered – but soon it will be possible on a U.S. hosting in English and on a ASIA hosting for Asia. 9 Media ANS garden designs alongside successfully catalogs and Internet portals in connection with support and a Search Engine Optimization for one year.