Apparently in 2010 Spaniards will have raised the importance of their right to oblivion, which has been reflected in an approximate increase of 56% in claims with the Spanish data protection agency. Spaniards begin to see the problem, given that introducing any name in a search engine may be found using information from sanctions, regardless of your age, buy smart phones that send your location data and activities without having knowledge of this, browse the pages setting cookies that later collects and transfers information of their movements by the network and all the vulnerability of our privacy we have to denounce. Luckily, the AEDP in 2010 ruled over one hundred cases, being search engines in general the most claimed. Google is the most reported and who has resorted since is not considered responsible for what your browser to play. In two special cases the AEPD goes to the search engine because if information personnel comes from an official bulletin, is it has the reporting obligation and can therefore not be claimed him. And in the event appear an old news in a newspaper, to medium only can be recommended him to eliminate past and harmful information. Artemy Rallo, director of the Agency, pointed out that all these risks should be very present in the institutions and companies that, once resolved claims and if they fail in favour of users, would be the increase in their complaints.

Social networks according to Rallo has no intention of taking into account the right to oblivion’s users or protect your information. Clear example is that in 2010 the AEDP had to act against Facebook for the transfer of personal data to advertisers and companies. Also MySpace and other networks for the same reason were claimed. Sony (PlayStation Network) has also been in the spotlight, having an intrusion in its network of online gaming, where 330,000 Spaniards could have been harmed. In short we can say that Spanish citizens do not begin to ask more questions and think more about our rights as users and request any entity to protect our data. And proof of this is the increase of 8.2% at the consultations of the service of attention to the citizen. Audea security of information Department of Marketing and communication source: Publico.