Crimea: Population. Economy

The population of Crimea, including Sevastopol, about 2 million 700 thousand people, it's quite a lot, its density is higher than average, such as the Baltic republics in the 1.5 – 2 times. But for such a density of Ukraine population, as in the Crimea, is an average. In August, on a peninsula located at the same time up to 2 million visitors. Now the bulk of the population is Russian, then the Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, a considerable proportion of Belarusians, Jews, Armenians, Greeks, Germans, Bulgarians, Gypsies, Poles, Czechs, Italians. Are small, but still visible in the culture of the small peoples of the Crimea – and Karaites Krymchaks.

Language of international communication continues to be Russian. Economy. Our cities are known for engineering and production devices. Crimea – one of the oldest barn in the world. Orchards and vineyards of the peninsula solar need no special praise.

And for the aromatic Crimea cultures simply have no equal. The food industry has export value. The honor marks the Crimean withstand dozens of rural canning plants. Well, fine Crimean Muscat – the best in the world of wine and other brands meet the most demanding taste. Currency exchange. Exchange rates in the Crimea has some peculiarities. Usually the most favorable rate of exchange at the center of Simferopol. The exchange rate at the train / train station and airport in Simferopol is somewhat lower. But the high demand for the currency in Yalta and Alushta, so the exchange of the dollar and the brands produced there at the lowest exchange rate. For Russians, it must be remembered that the U.S. dollar and the mark are in great demand than U.S. Dollars, and exchange ruble-torque more profitable than the ruble-dollar torque. Exchange points are numerous and work with almost no breaks and weekends. Naval operations. Kerch Port of the two seas from the ferry, and Feodosia sea station connected sea routes with multiple ports. From Yalta pleasure boats can take you in Foros and Alushta. Yalta port accepts ocean cruise liners. And if you close the romance of the Navy – so there are two in Sevastopol. On number of shuttle flights to Turkey and other countries in the palm keeps Evpatoria. Trolley. Bus. Taxi. The longest and most picturesque in Europe, mountain trolleybus line Simferopol – Yalta. Time to Alushta – 1.30 hours, to Yalta – an hour more. And this time you're not wasting the gift. Along the route there is really something to see. True buses and taxis will take you a little faster and with greater comfort. Departure from railway and bus stations in all cities of the Crimea. In Alushta: trolleybus N 51 (r / w station – Alushta). Interval movement (June – September) – 5-7 minutes. Time – 1.30 pm Buses – from the bus 'Holiday' (Vokzalnaya pl.) And the Airport 'Central'. In Yalta: Trolley, Route N52 (w / w station – Yalta). Interval (June-September) – 5-7 minutes. In Evpatoria, Saki: Buses – from the bus 'Holiday', the bus station and the airport "Central" in Sevastopol: Regular Buses – Bus from 'Central' and bus 'resort' in Nikolaevka: Buses – from the bus 'Holiday' and the Central Market. In Kerch, Stary Krym, Feodosia: Buses – bus station 'Central' Bus Station 'Holiday' and the airport 'Central'. In Pike: Buses – from the bus 'Holiday', the central bus station, airport, 'Central'.