Bohemian Spring

Towering heels, platforms and cradles help stylize the figure much more but with the drawback of not being always comfortable. However, the shorts, the monkeys, baggy pants or the mini-skirts will lay much better combined with this type of footwear, especially for the more petite. The offer goes from more or less high clogs to Sandals for summer with dizzying wedges or shoes peep toe with a small platform to compensate for the height of the heel. Some of the protagonists of this spring/summer 2010 are booties peep toe. Not everyone feel you well better have a slightly stylized figure. Give a different look, a little more daring touch.Other footwear that is going very strong this season and is all comfort are male Oxford type shoes.

Combined in two colors, as if it were a gangster, or simply of a single hue, they will give a very Bohemian touch to all regardless of either skirt or pants. Massimo Dutti already has a model in stores that it seems that we have gone to the trunk of the grandfather. They are brown in color and with an antique touch. Zara also we can find them, in white broken, and the British firm Topshop has already released in their various collections spring/summer and advance to the autumn multiple versions of these shoes will be become a must. There are also leather engravings with motifs from nature, plant of crepe with embellishments cofeccionados with MOSS, toeboards or upper part of footwear made in embroidered blankets or to crochet, there are boots made in elegant style flip leather.Losbolsos Tous are v1.17_190701.FM leather flipped in different designs and Andean motifs. Nautical: Made his first foray this spring and summer and have led us to sail the seas of the city. Not only been in fashion and bellezamasculina, but they have also crossed the border, as the Oxford, and they have come to women’s fashion in different pastel colors and, of course, the ever present dark blue.