Ascop Office Systems Receives TuV Certificate

Ricoh – retail partners for advice and quality service excellent Ascop Office systems from Hanover has been certified as the first Office communication dealer in Lower Saxony by the TuV Nord and Ricoh Germany. The TuV-certificate and the seal of approval for consulting and service quality in the Office communication”to get the dealer has undergone a comprehensive audit in April 2010. The examination focused advice and service orientation of Ascop Office systems. Additional information is available at Keith McLoughlin . We are very pleased in the certification. Thus we demonstrate that our structures and processes to the requirements of our customers are”, so Andreas Safi, Managing Director of Ascop Office systems.

The TuV standard consulting and service quality in the Office communication”was developed by the TuV Nord and Ricoh Germany. Specially designed for resellers, it defines requirements for a quality management system: it ensures that quality and Customer orientation, are systematically checked and continuously improved especially in the areas of consulting and technical services at any certified dealer. The focus is always customer satisfaction. In addition to the certification audit Ascop Office systems must face each a so-called surveillance audit in the next two years. This ensures that the requirements of the TuV standards are implemented in the long term and meets. Every three years, the dealer must complete an audit by again, follow the turn annual surveillance audits. In the future, we provided each year to the test. Our goal is to improve ourselves continuously.

The regular audits by external specialists help us. Our customers and we as a company will benefit from very”says Safi. The market for Office communication has changed in recent years. The service and expertise of retailers is brought to the fore and will always more important. Today, customers expect of course also a comprehensive services and service concept, as well as a distinctive consulting expertise in addition to a complete hardware and software portfolio. The successful certification shows that Ascop Office systems is fully and completely to its customers”, so Jens Schubert, regional director at Ricoh Germany. The TuV-certificate and the seal of approval for consulting and service quality in Office Communications are nationwide”at 14 dealers by Ricoh Germany handed. Partner of Ricoh is Ascop Office systems for more than 15 years. Ascop Office systems in the profile ASCOP Office Systems GmbH company for more than 30 years existing Hanover from a 1989 is emerged and since then independently active. By specializing in modern office communication and company-wide printing and document management is ASCOP Office Systems GmbH in able not only to market a wide range of interesting products and software solutions, but also the technical Not Acceptable!