12 Facts About Google

Google is your default search engine, thanks to him you found a link to download that movie that you like so much, or recipe that you cooked this year, and if you are a Blogger surely you’ve worked hard to try to please him and position yourself well, but certainly do not know all the following sights: 1 – button I’m feeling lucky causes losses in concepts of advertising to Google, but keep it because people like. 2 Google rented a herd of goats to make cutting the grass in the main office. 3 The principle users thought that the page wasn’t loaded at all, because it was very simple. They solved it by putting the Copyright information in the footer of the web. 4. The initial slogan of Google was Don t be Evil which translates as you are not evil.

5. The first tweet Google tweeted that it was this: that for those who don’t know binary is I m feeling lucky which means I’m feeling lucky the name of the button that we discussed in point 1. 6. The company has as a rule that none of its employees may be less 100 feet of some kind of food. 7 Employees have 20% of your time to think about new projects. 8 Google owns the domain 466453.com which is how to write Google using the keypad of a mobile phone. 9.

For some premieres of films such as the Lord of the rings Google he rented movie theaters for its employees and their companions. 10 Founded the company because they claimed a cheque for 100,000 U$ D when it did not even exist. 11. During the attacks of the pronounced, Google was commissioned to perform the main media caches (avoiding its collapse) and many searches are shifted towards the latest news. 12. On Twitter began a movement which had as aim to achieve that in the markers of the bar of tasks of the browser, if you are linking to Google is it enlazase under the name of San Google. (Movement initiated by @galloguille which is still in force)(view Tweet) Find more Internet curiosities and items Geek report alpha Technology and curiosities.