Vaucher Manufacture

Finally, Bruno Affolter SA, based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, manufactures dials, boxes and other parts made of precious metals. Together with Bovet and Chopard, Parmigiani was also instrumental in the establishment of the bullet of the Fundacion Fleurier Quality (CF), which is a similar to the Geneva seal certification, but differs in that has independent certification separate timers. Parmigiani business has been separated into three different sections and this division remains as part of the operational practice of the companies even today in day. Naturally, the restoration of old and antique pieces is one of the sections and has its own Department and offices within the factory. It follows the design and development of new models of watches and last but not least is the section dedicated to the development of new mechanisms. This final section of the business was officially made a subsidiary of the main company in 2003, to form the Vaucher Manufacture company, which now operates and how a separate entity operates.

Joining them, Parmigiani and Vaucher have a combined of over 300 employees. Generally, Parmigiani maintains a profile relatively low with respect to the marketing and sponsorships. However, Parmigiani entered into a sponsorship agreement with the sailor Swiss Bernard Stamm, who has sailed around the world three times in three years. To leverage this relationship, Parmigiani introduced the new line Kalpa Hemispheres, which presents the Parmigiani caliber PF337. An interesting feature in this new line of watches is the ability of the area of seconds of the clock can take a minute in the majority of watches that include a time zone function in seconds, time in seconds only zone can be put at the time. Parmigiani manufactures nearly a thousand clocks annually and ensures that each clock requires more than four hundred hours to be creator and although the company is very young compared to some of the more established watchmakers, has already made himself in several auctions. For more information about Parmigiani watches visit: What brand of swiss watch is relatively cheap but has the same quality as a Tag Heuer or rolex? Watches Site Idol-replica Blog Archive omega seamaster james bond replica a walk in the clouds…Swiss Between the lines. El blog de Silvia Casas victory!