Here at last you have found your dream job online, sent resumes and waiting for an answer. Waiting for a week, two, three .. After 4 weeks, you realize that your resume is horrible, like a black hole. It is a pity and a shame for lost time … What is your Error? We had no wait, act! Just send your resume to a prospective employer and wait – is not enough.

Vacancy – one contenders – weight! Send resume has only one purpose – to you invited for an interview, preferably in one of the first. Be enthusiastic, pay attention to yourself, and gain time! A proactive approach in dealing with potential employers can significantly improve your chances get a job. These six tips will help you to maximize success. 1. Announce yourself.

Establish contact with the employer prior to sending resumes. Try to contact the manager on staff, even if an ad is not his phone numbers and even if you specify that calls should not be. Conduct reconnaissance, gather information and find the phone number and name of the hiring manager – the first person with whom you will communicate in future work. As Once you've found the right person to be brief. The purpose of the first call is to express his enthusiasm for new opportunities, and briefly describe their positive contribution to the future business of the company. Be ready "in a nutshell" description of your qualifications and the benefits that will employer. Focus on the employer, not on how cool you are.