The Problem

One is not to impose a solution that your you create is the best one. It remembers that there is to listen and to take into account to the other. You never assume that you know what the other wants. Better pregntale. 8. Aljate if you cannot handle it.

If at some time you feel that you are losing the calm and is gaining you the anger, the frustration or the desire to criticize to the other, better aljate of the situation until you you tranquilize. Dile to the other person calmly something like: At this moment I believe that I am altering myself and no longer I can follow with this discussion. I need to move away awhile and when it calms to me it wanted to retake it so that we find a solution that benefits to us both to. If the other person insists on which they continue speaking, she returns to explain to him emphasizing your interest in solving the problem of the best possible way, saying something like: interests much to Me that we solve this and it interests much power to me escucharte and entenderte. For that reason I need to move away a little while to calm and to be able to continue finding a solution that works to us both to.

It remembers that the priority is to find a solution that is acceptable for both parts. That one is not a fight of powers or that anybody gains the discussion. One is to understand to the person with that you are having the conflict. In a question-answer forum Ben Horowitz was the first to reply. In order to obtain a very effective communication and that you can mantenerte in a calm state in the middle of the critics and the negative commentaries of the other person, we recommended much to you to do a work deep to fortify your self-esteem. This will help not tomarte the commentaries personally you, will really allow ponerte you in the shoes of the other, you will be able to recognize your own errors without fear to do it, and mainly to you will know that you can have the control of you in the middle of a conflict situation.

Windows Report

She is so much the variety and diversity of these devices available in, today compatible with any PC or notebook, that constitutes this any other the ideal virus and form of transmission. There are users who ingenuously think that a telephone or a digital camera when connecting them, is no necessity to review them with the anti-virus since we make with a flash memory of data. Symptoms and effects of the infection of Conficker It is easy to notice of the infection since among others effects cause the following: It deactivates the following services: Windows Defender To recover system Center of Security of Windows Report of Errors of Windows Automatic Updates of Windows The following effects usually are seen of form mistaken by many users, attributing themselves to problems in the networking or the servants to whom the request takes place when they are really caused by the virus Blocks the updates of the program installed Anti-virus and Try to unload different false programs Anti-virus. He owns a good data base updated that allows him to block diverse sites and companies of security, including until forums related to the computer science security. Like protecting itself of the infection of Conficker Following the safety measures elementary, it is impossible that the virus contaminates to us, is essential: To count on an up-to-date Anti-virus. To maintain up-to-date Windows. To use safe passwords Deshabilitar the automatic reproduction of extrables devices USB To make sure to review any extrable device USB that is going away to connect to the equipment.

As to eliminate the virus Conficker Conficker it is not difficult to eliminate, all the companies of security provide diverse tools for their elimination, accedes to the following page that contains all the resources available to face this malware Eliminar the Conficker virus, tools to detect it and to disinfect the PC the necessary tools are provided in that page stops: To identify if this infested your system. To unload an application to eliminate it with all the variants that it until now, owns besides parallel form to neutralize other malicious codes related to Conficker like: Trojan.AutorunINF.Gen and Worm.Autorun.VHG. To disinfect the local network that you use to prevent to return to contaminarte. In addition it advises that also you read: To recover and to recover the damages caused by Conficker Tools to eliminate malignant virus and other programs.