San Francisco

E, the third area correspond to the Order Third composed for one would carry, an audience and a patio, that is of exclusive use of the Brotherhood; the Chapel of Is Roque; the Chapel of the Beginners; the Sacristia. In as the floor he is installed the consistory and the presidency. Valley to stand out that the order third possesss proper administration. The floor of the first one to walk, is about a privative area, consists the environment of the cells (aposentos), would rouparia and deposits. In this floor the Institute Franciscano de Teologia de Olinda functioned (IFTO), that it occupied three classrooms, secretariat and room of the professors, was extinct in the year of 2006. In as walking cells for use of the residents, and also for the religious visitors exist, beyond bathrooms and room of recreation.

It has two libraries one in the first one to walk and another one in as. Before giving continuation to the constructive elements of the Convent of San Francisco a contextualizao concerning retrospecto of the trajectory of this congregation and of other inherent aspects will also become it. The franciscanos belong to a religious order established by Francisco de Assis, in Italy. It was presented as an order of beggars, for the fact of whom freis/frades asked for alms for its survival, for consequncia of the authentic robbing which if considered. The franciscana order is constituted by three groups: the first order of freis/frades; as the order of the sisters, also called clarissas; the third order (secular or regular) formed by laypeople. The first order presents divides for three branches: Order of Frades Menores (OFM), Order of the Frades Lesser Capuchinhos (quarrel on poverty) (OFMCap.) and for the Lesser Order of the Frades Conventuais (OFMconv.). Historically the franciscana order appeared in 1209 and evolved throughout the years in number and ecclesiastical representation forming communities (internal ambincia) that they had been assigned of Convents which referenciava institucional character of the Order.