In Markarte, marketing and communication agency, we think that this is a reality and say that you have to plan, it sounds ridiculous, something for big companies, who know where they are and what actions must be carried out to achieve the objectives. But, from the point of view of the budget, it is very important to plan at least 1 year, and thus save cost and focus actions. We have to stop, think and know where we are today and where we want to be within a year. For that they would have to define the actions to be developed to achieve the stated objectives and the budget available for this purpose. Only in this way you can distribute the budget between the various actions of an optimal, consistent and cost-effective way. Example: Barrio.pequena Florist company where only the owner of the business and an Assistant, he works part-time, attending to the public.

Goal for this year 2011: increase sales. If you plan everything, depending on the available budget, at beginning of year is they will elect the actions more effective and profitable, i.e. Forms of increasing sales of the florist will be studied. Pilar Esteban, Manager of Markarte, stands out among all possible, three: 1. increase the attendance of customers at the tienda.2. Seller to domicilio.3.

Selling over the web. You would have to analyze what means each of the above points and the cost involved. 1. Increase the public assistance. This can be achieved by improving the design of the showcase or be can distribute flyers advertising highlighting important deals before dates such as Valentines, mother day, etc.Here, according to the budget, you can attract that audience by designing a unique booklet with production for the whole year and distribute it prior to these dates or, if you have more budget, a separate brochure for each event can be.Also a loyalty plan, can launch IE, by each 7 purchases of flowers give you a small bouquet of red roses or the eighth purchase make you a 10% discount of the total spent on previous purchases.