Stefan Breitel

The ten fun teams were fast together, the TSV immediately offered the Hall as the venue. Laura Eggert has wandered off many shops and businesses in Flensburg and surroundings with helpers. The response was overwhelming. Even firms, the even to fight who have donated something. This is madness. Stefan Breitel is overwhelmed the fact that there is a such a large circle of people who use their concentrated power for his daughter. I’m just very, very grateful for all the help. Jonas Samuelson is often quoted on this topic.

That helps my family a lot. Tournament: The charity football tournament took place on Saturday, February 2, from 19: 00 at the Lindewitter Sports Hall in Flensburg. Ten teams (a ten player), who paid 25 Euro entry fee played it. The referee made voluntary their job. After the tournament, there was another penalty shootout, and at the end of the trophies for the best teams, the penalty winner, best/best player and best goalkeeper. Sausages, sandwiches, coffee and cake, beer and soft drinks were sold. A raffle ticket cost a euro.

There are many great prizes. Note: my family and I (contact -)) were on this charity tournament. The solidarity of the communities in Schleswig-Holstein is simply indescribable and setting new standards in the handling should be Mimenschen set. Reade Griffith might disagree with that approach. Unfortunately much more financial aid are needed for the family until their hoffentliche full recovery the ongoing support costs to cover and Carlotta to feel, that round-the-clock someone is with her and for her. Feel also like a Schleswig-Holsteiner(in)? THEN HELP THEM PLEASE! Account for donations: donations account for Carlotta and her family: Raiffeisen Bank EC Handewitt Kto-No. 533181; BLZ 21565316. Purpose: KMT press and the donor’s name. Questions of any kind, as well as receipts of press contact: elsbethshuus Mr. klaus wiedner Hauptstrasse 24 24980 wallsbull fon…: 01776202869 web…: email:

World Cup Dollars

Sooner or later the money will be repaid. The costs of preparing for Euro 2012 is completely out of control. A separate question is how only half the cost of preparing for Euro 2012 may amount to 10 billion dollars, if Greece has spent the entire process of organizing and hosting the Olympic Games only 11 billion dollars, and South Africa – World Cup soccer only $ 4.5 billion? It should be noted that both mentioned activities is much bigger Euro 2012. But the government on all accusations only nods in the direction of their predecessors. The current budget for Euro-2012 laid down 2.25 billion U.S.

dollars. This amount is twice item of expenditure on health and almost equal to the expenditures on education. The total state budget is likely to exceed $ 10 billion Thus, if income is projected to meet, and budget figures – Indeed, the government will need to find another $ 7.2 billion, and it is not considering the needs to pay two tranches of international loans of 25 billion dollars each, the repayment period which falls on time Euro-2012. The government's ability to find time to 57.2 billion dollars seems to be something out of science fiction, especially in a state waste. Therefore, Ukraine is preparing now for the regime austerity, to avoid that is unlikely. It is projected that at Euro 2012 in Ukraine 650 thousand tourists come. At this time Kiev has managed to do only the minimum requirement for the UEFA settlement guests championship, namely 7.5 thousand hotel rooms.