TV Auction House Jackson

TV report on the art and auction house Jackson 24-hour reports on television about the auction house Jackson on Tuesday, February 16th radiates SAT. 1 report hour at 23:10:00. A team of SAT. 1 was 3 days at the auction house in November and December and could shoot so many different auctions and the daily routine of an auctioneer. Owner of the auction house in Gutersloh is the Industrie und Handelskammer East Westphalia, publicly ordered and sworn auctioneer Detlef Jentsch.

Mr. Jentsch is authorized by certificate of the President of the Landgericht Bielefeld to carry legal advice for the auction industry. These include the legal advice and representation in auction matters. The auctioneer was known in 1989 nationwide through the auction of the inventory of 27 homes that were on the former toxic waste dump Bielefeld / brake. This auction was the first of its kind in the history of the Federal Republic of Deutschland.Mehr than 5000 interested parties participated.

It was followed by: the auction of the entire distillery Steel (one of the oldest in Westphalia), the inventory of one of the oldest farms of in Germany, in Bielefeld, Jollenbeck, industries, Lien auctions, business tasks, bankruptcies of major industrial estates. Sponsor: Federal Republic of Germany, financial authorities discount caregivers heirs, executors of the will – Jackson makes his experience municipalities etc., the auction house was founded in 1980, again in the service of the good thing. So, charity auctions were conducted with Harald Juhnke, Jean Marie Pfaff, Wolfgang Petry, Mareike Amado, etc.. The public order includes also auctions of real estate and property, agricultural property, ship works, aircraft and many others and thus immediately meets needs of Justice, the economy, the public. The legislator has created the institution of publicly appointed and sworn experts – auctioneer, par excellence to provide specialist knowledge of the general public. Thus the order should give the option according to the jurisprudence of the Supreme Administrative Court, public, authorities and courts to such persons use, due to official validation the guarantee for reliability and offer special expertise and are suitable for certain subjects as an impartial expert. In North Rhine-Westphalia, Detlef Jentsch is the only legal counsel for the auction industry. Detlef Jentsch is also art expert on the television, as more than 40 live broadcasts were aired, as well as five films: A life under the hammer + bidding until the last sock + Germany under the hammer + estate auctioneer in the work + auction. The auction, also called the auction, is the sincerest form of sale. Just on an auction, the highest price is achieved by the number of the big group of prospective customers.If creditors, lenders, in particular only wanted the form of the voluntary auction to banks, there should be no forced sale. In addition, that the Foreclosure only further for the debt costs.