Pariah Rebelde

Man and woman by way of introduction, is necessary to point out that an arduous work may study each conception isolated or separately, since on the whole work of Flora Tristan might be reflected conglomeradamente each of these thoughts, interlinked. It is also worth mentioning that Flora for being a character in transition and emotional in large part, unable to speak of a conception of man, society and education, but will discuss the concepts of Tristan in these areas, since Flora does not handle a single category, but several, according to his idealism, historical time and context. There a certain conception of man, society, or education you can for example be reflected in peregrinations of a pariah, very different from that which can be handled in walks around London or Union Obrera. We can first start the study from his peregrinations of a pariah, where one can envision some conception of man. In Principle we observe an Ideal of man which want to reach: European, due to which this belongs to the society evolved, producing knowledge, knowledge and economic development. From there one can envision what would subsequently develop Comte in the three States of society. As then, this way of seeing the man, one could say, that this ideal was the positive man. So marked it is this conception of evolution of man, that even in all the work of Flora, Indians, blacks and mestizos do not appear listed by name but that are always mentioned as a whole, as mass.

See linking this with the mentioned above, through the removal of this text: … In the afternoon my uncle insisted on staying in the convent. I spent the night in the House without more company than my zamba. This girl told me: Miss don’t be afraid you nothing if soldiers or the rabonas come to steal, I am Indian like them its language is mine.

European Union

Pure prudence. They then created this bubble, origin of the crisis, and now stifle the economy. But you have to rescue them, because otherwise, everything collapses. Isn’t it? The Nobel Prize in economics Paul Krugman denounces plans to rescue the banking system are bitter socialism: taxpayers pay the Bill if things go wrong, but shareholders and executives receive the benefits if things go well. And he recalled that the capital increases are selling shares to investors in return participate in the ownership of the Bank. That when Governments expand capital of banks (that are monumental bailouts) rescued banks do not give the part of property corresponding to the money given by Governments? Perhaps the answer is in the never proven myth that the public finance is poor and bad.

That does sound like a joke, given that the current economic disaster a few thousand incompetent have caused it (when not worse) banking and financial executives and senior executives of United States and the European Union. Private managers who have made them lose more than one billion euros in a few years are better?, Paul Krugman wondered. In the aggravation of the crisis and setting us in the drought of credit, banks have ceased their own role: instead of giving fuel to the economy, virtually steal the fuel that remains in the same, Juan Torres has denounced. And it has riveted while not take steps to put an end to the cause of the evils it is impossible to avoid the economy is despene precipitously. What measures? That Governments are not limited to give more money to the banks. Perhaps they should, even temporarily, to make them with financial springs and put them at the service of companies and consumers. Directly. Because, with what we know now of banking, bankers and their responsibilities on both sides of the Atlantic, it seems suicidal to instruct the arsonists who turned off the fire.