Jose Velasco

Media and photographers from the Region of Murcia participate in I encounter Murcia blooming to promote the landscape of the ciezanos fruity plum Group held last Saturday I encounter Murcia in flower in the fields of fruit trees of Cieza with the aim of promoting landscape covering the murcian fields with the arrival of spring. The event, which was held this year for the first time, includes a photo contest for the best professional image made in the fields of group Plum in Cieza, developed during the Saturday noon, on the estate of the company together with its Agronativa warehouse, on the road from Calasparra, and has counted with the assistance of numerous professional graphics of the Region of Murcia. For the Manager of group El Ciruelo, organizing company, Jose Velasco, this event aims to give value to the murcian spring. Thanks to the efforts of the farmers, the history of this Region is written with the best fruit in the world. Our fruits are known for their quality, however, the images that leave the spring in those plagued with fields of fruit trees have not received the value yes have given them on other sites.

During the visit by fruit trees in blossom, Jose Oliva, agronomist engineer responsible for the grounds of plum in Cieza, has explained the process of flowering of the fruit trees, highlighting the special qualities of the terrain and climate, that make us all fruits of bone’s greater quality in the international market. Murcia Flor Oliva, on images that offer these days the fields described the landscape as an impressive spectacle of light and colour, which serves to celebrate spring and the work that we have developed in these lands for centuries. Murcia in flower is an event for the Murcia, so the world knows not only the quality of our products and we also appreciate the wonderful picture that leave these days our fields in flower. Almond trees, fruit Plum has wanted to put in value this visual treasure of the Region of Murcia. According to the words of his manager hope that Murcia in flower will become a tradition every year and our professional photographers and the media know how to get all the juice to the precious images that leave our fields in flower.