Increased Marketing

Long-standing know-how and Teleround offers their distributors in the marketing of T-home range lucrative terms long-standing know-how and Teleround offers their distributors in the marketing of T-Home product range this business lucrative conditions should now be intensified, offers but T-Home private and business customers in addition to the classic fixed network services of broadband Internet connections, communication and multimedia services from a single source. “Entertain”, the television in a new dimension, T-home offers a featured product, the using of the TIMESHIFT function (time offset television) and individual television makes possible a hard disk recorder. In addition, there are 70 TV channels, as well as an online video library available. The entertainment packages will be complemented by a double flat-rate calls and surfing. This broad and innovative product range offers many marketing opportunities for new and existing customers of the Teleround dealer. “We support our partners extensively in the marketing of T-home products and offer lucrative Commission models”informed Alexander Albert, sales manager of the Teleround AG. With the range of T-home, the Teleround AG offers its partners a product range that promises high growth opportunities. More information about the Teleround, see author: Martina Quirmbach.

Mobile Internet: Vodafone Announces LTE Expansion In

Existing mobile networks can be relieved Dusseldorf/Nuremberg through use of femtocells, July 26, 2010 in September 2010, the network operator Vodafone begins with the expansion of the mobile network of the fourth generation, LTE (long term evolution). We will upgrade in the medium term all base stations in Germany on the next generation of mobile technology LTE. With this investment the latest standard will be available in the coming years nationwide for our customers. We will start very quickly with the development of white spots”, said Friedrich Joussen, CEO of Vodafone Germany. The objective is to provide from the outset speeds of three Mbit per second. “In the cities, Jadav anticipates significantly higher speeds: so the mobile Internet becomes a real alternative for the landline.” The communication group had already developed white patches in particular test regions with HSDPA technology in recent months and provides Internet access for the people there.

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania,. in the Uckermark, in Thuringia and Saxony, as infrastructure has been created for Internet access. A high-tech country like Germany needs a high-tech infrastructure not only in the cities but also in rural areas”, underlined Jadav. Experts analyze the announcement to the fast development of LTE as a clear indication to the Federal Network Agency”, for example, the trade magazine reported chip online. She had made the 4G-Versorgung strict network operators: by 2016, 90 percent of the currently under-served places must be connected to the high-speed network. Otherwise the loss of acquired spectrum threatens”, so the magazine. Professor Torsten J. Gerpott, expert in telecommunications business on the Mercator School of management Duisburg (, had already weeks ago at an event of the Personaldienstleisters Harvey Nash and its Nuremberg subsidiary Nash Technologies in Dusseldorf made it clear that he is not with a rapid LTE migration counts: high practical relevance of the market is LTE in Germany not before 2015, gain a full detachment of UMTS is not before 2020,”according to his analysis.