Work Presentation

If your presentation touches the points that to them interests to them and it contributes value to them, to them it will not matter to them absolutely that something forgets to you, that you pronounce bad a word or who you have said something stupid. You do not wait for being perfect to speak in public, only hazlo as well as possible. 2. The public wants that you are successful. To the majority of them he invades the fear to speak to them in public, just as you. They know risk that is run, so many of them will admire your bravery and would wish to be able to overcome the fear to speak in public and to happen to the front. While an error of any type can parecerte a great thing, it is not very significant or important for your public. He is useful that you remember east point, mainly when you think that you have realised something badly since, often, the public nor will find out.

3. You do not need to give much information. To give much information when speaking in public is an error that will only prolong the duration of your presentation, causing that people lose the interest and, after all, the public one will only remember a small part. Everything what the public wants is two or three important and excellent points for them agreed to their interests. If you prepare your exhibitions or presentations of this form you will obtain better results, you will avoid the complexity to want to offer much information, the fear that something can be forgotten to you and will make all your experience easier.

4. The necessary thing only practices. The practice always it will be the key to dominate your presentation, you must practice the necessary thing, but never exaggerate. To practice more of the necessary thing time and time again will cause major to you fear since you will think that not yet you dominate the subject or that you do not feel safe of your capacity to speak in public. You must trust same you, trust your preparation and make yours that message. If you know or the subject, or if you have spoken of it previously, perhaps only you need minutes for prepararte the sufficient thing. Everything what you need is to both remember or three key points of your presentation, accompanying them with several good examples and data by support and you will be ready for pararte before the public. To speak in public is a common source of fear for all. To many they would like to avoid this subject completely, but we want to be leaders or to manage to emphasize us in our professional exercise, often we will have to speak in public with groups, big or small, to be successful. Take into account the 4 previous points so that you are not dominated by the fear to speak in public.