New Murals

In recent years, due to the rapid development of the market of finishing materials in Russia has changed dramatically the picture of consumer demand. The increase in the interest of customers in quality and reliability is expressed in wallpaper increased use of modern high-quality, durable materials, especially various innovative materials – such as decorative frescoes. This occurs, in particular, and the efforts of domestic manufacturers. Customers have become more choosy and particular interest to the materials now showing "above average" price range, currently the best in terms of "price – quality". For more clarity and thought, follow up with Click here and gain more knowledge.. To this segment include murals – where wallpaper is applied elastic plaster with a potential lifetime of more than 15 years, for example, Renomme. But also do not exclude the possibility of installing murals on the facade, which certainly indicates a material. Following the trend of the market, and guided by demand, production specialists have developed new materials – corrosion resistant materials based on "The relief murals," "Sand fresco" and on a rigid foundation, "fresco Bas-relief.

" Each of these brands are created taking into account the climate zone and application areas (swimming pools, bathrooms, living rooms, facades). The frescoes on the article "Sand" and "Emboss" (on a rigid base) made specifically for living rooms, hallways, giving a unique decor, and your interior is unique. Material "Relief" – a high resistance to water and frost resistant – designed for rooms with high humidity and demand material with high resistance to mechanical damage (hotels, restaurants, churches, facades of buildings). All modifications to the frescoes Renomme durable (lifetime coverage for more than 15 years). The frescoes on the basis of the elastic ("Sand" and "Terrain") are absolutely waterproof, the high flexibility and good ductility, which helps smooth out small deformations wall. Methods of decoration, decoration materials largely determine the visual perception of space, create the overall color color, and hence the character of the interior.