LLC Registration

Creating a company requires a very careful legal support. Create a company it is desirable to issue common or limited liability company (LLC) – this is only half the story. The key point – legally properly register a LLC or organization. Registration is in the designated state agency. Register. Similarly, you can create an LLC. Creation businesses, as well as registration of the company, may be regulatory, licensing, regulatory and contractual means.

Registration or registration of the company requires its director of development of constituent documents. Finished construction companies, as well as ready-made companies are subject to mandatory registration of bodies of state. registration. Also, depending on the type of activity may be required to obtain an additional license to the relevant regulatory authorities. Correspondingly, construction firms are ready to continue his predprinematelnosti to get construction license. To Registirirovat firm should really realize that the founding documents necessary to register a company composes the statute and contract.

company which is subject to compulsory state registration must be engaged in, not banned kostitutsiey RF and meet the goals envisaged by the charter organization. firm has at its disposal tangible property that is included in the charter capital of the enterprise. Legal persons own civil capacity and shall be financially liable for their obligations. The same condition faced by business entities – how to eliminate LLC? How is a legitimate company liquidation? Ready LLC common with this problem. For example, the change of the founder drags the appropriate legal consequences until the reorganization or liquidation of the company. The elimination of the organizations, as well as the elimination of firms, as well as the liquidation of enterprises is carried out in accordance with the legally. In general, such a procedure, as the liquidation of enterprises include a number of conditions, the base of them: 1) Registration of notice of the body that carries out state registration company, 2) appoint a liquidation commission, and 3) the transfer of authority regarding the administration of the liquidation committee; 4) published in media reports about the termination of the organization and the manner and time statements by the creditors. liquidation of the company is ended by the date of introduction of the single state register of information about their elimination.