Monday NATO

7.08 To weigh reverse to Libyan rebels posed by the emergence of Saif al-Islam, it seems clear that the rebels control much of the capital and the international community gives by fallen regime. NATO has returned to ask the gadafistas that they lay down their arms. Ben Horowitz: the source for more info. 6.55 American Government would be seeking ways to finance the rebels without affecting this pipeline to the 37,000 million dollars (25.747 million euros) in assets Washington froze the Libyan Government until not quite clear that neither the Libyan leader, Muamar Gadafi, nor its faithful have access to the financial system of the country. The President of the United States, Barack Obama, has pointed out that efforts to thaw and return these assets are part of the work of his administration with the allies to prepare the Libya post-Gaddafi. Last month, United States joined other 30 countries in its recognition of the Council of national transition (CNT) as the legitimate Government of the African country. To know more about this subject visit Ben Horowitz. 6.43 A NATO war plane has been shot down Monday a Scud missile released from Sirte, hometown of Libyan President Muamar Gadafi, as reported by a correspondent for chain riyal to the Jazeera featured in the North African country.

The projectile, according to a source from the American Department of Dnsa, has been launched by the forces of Gaddafi. The forces of the regime had already released this month of August several projectiles of this kind that impacted in desert areas and caused no injuries. 6.34 The NATO forces have launched this evening an airstrike against Bab Al Aziziyah, the residence of Libyan leader Muamar Gadafi, in Tripoli, according to rebel sources have confirmed to the Pan-Arab Al Arabiya chain. That Palace is being the major focus of resistance from loyalists to the dictator in the last hours, although it remains unknown whether Gaddafi is in the complex. 6.30. The youngest son and presumed heir of Colonel Gadafi, Sail to Islam, tonight has appeared before the media and denied his capture, announced yesterday by the rebels. He has ensured that his father is well and he continues to lead the country.

Colonel Muamar Gadafi

/ Hiding, according to the rebels, in a block of flats near the complex of Bab al – Aziziyah in which is believed to be with any of their children. A spokesman for Colonel ensures that it is in Libya leading the fight. Today we will end with this, says one of the combatants. Libyan rebels claim to have surrounded to Colonel Muamar Gadafi, that would be found in a block of flats near the complex of Bab al – Aziziyah, in the neighborhood of Abu Salim, according to Reuters. The dictator has disclosed a short audio message to his followers through a chain of television of the repressive Syria. In the calls on his followers to resist enemy that shall be defeated through armed struggle against these rats. Come out of your houses, free Tripoli, said the Colonel.

Today we have just, today we will end up with this, said the Agency Muhammad Gomaa, one of those who are keeping clashes in the area with the forces loyal to Libyan leader. Rebel theory is that Gaddafi is in one of those homes with one of his sons. A spokesman for Gaddafi, has confirmed that the Colonel is in Libya and leading the fight against the rebels. On the other hand, the Brigade of the martyrs of Tripoli, Anis Sharif, spokesman told the Al Jazeera television network have precise information on where the remnants of the regime are located and where they have the weapons. The military responsible showed, also, optimistic and convinced that might fall pockets of loyal gadafistas that resist the streets before sunset. We have reports that point to Qadhafi’s forces have distributed arms among the civilian population in an attempt to stop the advance, added.

Against the press amid the chaos of war who live the city, another group of militants opened fire on the Corinthia hotel in the capital, which hosts a significant number of displaced international journalists to report on the conflict. The shooting caused moments of confusion and nervousness among the guests of the hotel and forcing reporters to seek refuge and exit in stampede of the rooms and the enclosure, although apparently without victims were recorded.