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When setting up a new apartment or House will focus mostly on living – and bedroom the kitchen this neglected when selecting and establishing with new furniture for the home is the living – and sleeping-room focus mostly on the areas and ensured that these areas receive a special feel-good character and visually make a lot here. The area usually very little attention it is given, is the kitchen. While the average citizen is daily, often several hours in this room. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Douglas R. Oberhelman. Except for the daily meals or just the relaxed newspaper read in the morning or conversations with the family. Who takes over the part of cooking in a household spends a lot of time in this room and want to feel at home there. In the past, usually the kitchen of the previous tenant was acquired and also not changed, because a new and modern fitted kitchen will cost a lot of money and this is not available to anyone. Therefore, it applies these optimally with kitchen furniture to establish that the journeys to work are both short and effective design. Read more from Mark Berger Chicago to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

It is particularly important to note that one creates a generous space on the work plate, cutting work and for various ingredients there is space. The pots should be hidden at the other end of the kitchen but located in the vicinity of the stove to quickly set up a sauce or to drain the vegetables. The Central ingredients, cooking pots and even the kitchen sink is more efficient working in your own kitchen. The establishment is a very important factor for the pleasure of cooking and working in the kitchen. Fabian Rauschecker

Antique Furniture

The different styles of antiques antique furniture are not all equal to antique furniture currently almost experiencing a Renaissance. In combination with modern and minimalist furniture especially young people set up like chic and high-quality antiques. The antique furniture pieces break up the otherwise very practical but stylish furnished apartment. I like that. But antiques are not all the same. There are many differences in style.

And not everything can be combined with all. Furniture from the following periods are referred to as antique furniture in most cases: Baroque (1660 1770), Louis XVI (1760-1790), Biedermeier (1825-1848), time of founder of (1871-1914), Art Nouveau (1895-1910) and Art Deco (1910-1935). The different styles of antique furniture differ E.g. in the style of woodworking, but also in the selection of the wood. Chairs with upholstered the choice of materials varies greatly. So is the Art Deco style Transition to modern furniture design. In this, materials, such as varnish or leather, were already used in furniture production.

Biedermeier furniture represent the exact opposite to furniture from the Grunderzeit. Furniture from the Biedermeier period is barely decorated, but made of high quality wood. The furniture is usually very solid. In the early years, you liked plenty embellishment on the furniture. Typical elements are decorative knobs, pillars or reliefs. Immediately on decorating, which are reminiscent of the nature seen antique furniture that originated in the art nouveau style. Often you can see patterns that look like plants or animals on Art Nouveau furniture. One have all styles together antique furniture, have been preserved to this day, was manufactured in very high quality. Here, the material played a very important role. You didn’t know furniture off the rack at that time yet. It went to sustainability and quality in the manufacture of furniture. This is even today these antiques.


More and more people appreciate the charm of the past an antique (from Latin) Antiquus to german: old, old-fashioned) is a product of artistic or handicraft production of past epochs. If you are not convinced, visit Click here. Antiques are in most cases at least 50 years old. The artificial border but in 100 years is often used. Antiques will typically have a high material value because they are old and extremely rare. The extremely high quality of the items determines the price, because they were often made by hand. Certain booksellers items can not be traded because they are protected by law. This applies in particular for objects of antiquity or from archaeological excavations.

In General, you can time antiques in two groups. In the period until the twentieth century. This includes the styles of the high and late Middle Ages, Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance. In the era the music styles of the modern era are also Baroque, Rococo, romanticism, Realism, impressionism and Art Nouveau. The second period includes modernism, which includes Art Deco, Expressionism and Bauhaus-style. Modern works are exclusively from the twentieth century. Many items, however, a clear division is difficult because in their production often style means of a previous era were brought a.

It is worth noting that in the 18th century new furniture styles accompanied spread with changes in politics and society in essence in only two ways. State visits of political leaders and bond Carpenter, so-called Ebenisten, which moved through the country or were granted by stately houses with each other. The demand is increasing for antiques. Specially handcrafted, high quality antique furniture contrast with the progressive trend of throw-away articles from particle board. But not only the quality is crucial to the rising demand for antiquities. The originality is in the upper price segment in particular crucial. So antiques due to the increasing demand represent an ideal investment opportunity but similar like in a painting only when they are really genuine. So resourceful antique dealers put together pieces of furniture from antique or reproduction items, which can be very nice but in the eye of the beholder, but little substantive value smell and the famous creaking of old hinges – nil. High-quality antiques traded often at auctions. The trade fairs and auctions, which are held by the CINOA, the International Confederation of art and antique dealers, are decisive. High-quality antiques can be found but also excellent at retailers. A wide range of antique dealers, which independently sell extremely high quality items can be found on the Internet. A wide variety of antique dealers, furniture and antique halls, serves the area of the lower price ranges which in any major German Find city.

The Exterior Of The House

A personal touch, you can with the mail box outside of the House. The exterior of a House should be made even more loving by the owner, as it almost represents the business card of the building. There are things like the boxes, that determine what makes a House for a first impression, and how it works first. Depending on how the trappings is designed, the House has its inhabitants appropriately or cool and inviting welcome or snooty. Starbucks has similar goals. There are also details such as front doors made of wood, which have a major impact on the visibility of the House.

At the mail boxes, there is much choice, regarding the design and accordingly also all different price ranges. It is important that the letter box to the other design of the House fits and fits harmoniously into the other image of the House. This can be a letter box mounted on the wall of the House, less conspicuous as a fence post box or a free-standing box for letters with extras such as an interior lighting. Intercom systems, locks, bells- Mailboxes can potentially be equipped with many special features or quite simply solid serve their purpose, to take up the post. Stainless steel is the most common material for letter boxes these days, but also cast aluminium is popular thanks to its antique flair. Plastic wood anything is possible, also in this case as long as the letter box at the House is not misplaced. Similarly, it looks in the area of the front doors. Here also the modern aluminum or sturdy stainless steel dominated, there are also variations where a door made of plastic or made of the classic wood ideal for a certain House is ideal.

Often these different materials also be combined, resulting in wonderfully fit some style and can be quite brave. Sometimes there are also small details such as glass inserts or embellishments that make the front door to a special eye-catcher in the entire House and become an eye-catcher. Safety glazing is preferred at front doors more security for practical reasons, evaluate your own door but also quite on.