Mobile Air Conditioners

In winter, a mobile air conditioner can be used as a heating unit for heating. Power of mobile air conditioners are generally less than 4 kW. There is a simple calculation to determine the power of mobile air-conditioning, depending on the area of the room in which it is supposed to use. Select air conditioning for power should be based on the ratio of 1 kW. At 10 square meters. M. Square.

For example, outdoor air-conditioning capacity of 3,5 kW. Suitable for use in indoor area of 35 square meters. M. How is the mobile air conditioning (outdoor air conditioning). Any type of air conditioner always has two main block is the evaporator, which serves to cool the air and the condenser, which serves to divert excess heat. In the multiblock conditioners condenser and evaporator are in separate blocks. Mobile air conditioner, it is monoblock differs in that its main components and parts are in the same enclosure.

Mobile air conditioner has two outlet and two air intake openings. Air intake for the processing occurs through the upper air inlet, located on the rear air conditioner. Passing through the coarse filter that captures large airborne particles, air enters the cold heat exchanger, cooled and then served in the room through the nozzle outlet. To dissipate heat is a second air inlet, which is located at the bottom of the rear panel. The air withdrawn through it, serves to cool hot heat exchanger – condenser. Next, the heated air is discharged through a flexible reinforced pipes of large cross section. All outdoor air conditioner equipped with the same capacity for collecting condensate and / or drainage hose condensed moisture. The operating principle of the air conditioner is identical with the principle of the refrigerator, except that air conditioners have a fan that is used to supply the room cooled or heated (depending on the mode) of air. In the space heating evaporator and condenser, as it were reversed, the hot refrigerant enters the evaporator (which now acts as a capacitor) and gives heat in the room. Thanks to the thermal sensor, a modern air-conditioner can maintain the desired temperature in the room. Most of the outdoor air conditioners have four basic modes of operation – cooling, heating, ventilation and drainage. Equipped with multi-function remote control, have a timer start, stop, to disinfect the fine filter and a system of air ionization. Modern air conditioners retain moisture, does not desiccate the air and has an attractive ergonomic design.

Professional Chainsaws

in a professional model is very important to first thing in the ratio of weight and power – this parameter is very significant effect on the ease of operation and as a consequence, the quality of work. For professional chainsaws characterized much greater spread of power (from 2 to 6 kW) than for the household. This is due to a variety of conditions in which the use of such tools (of varying thickness trunks of trees, hard or frozen wood, etc.). Bus chainsaw bus – one of the key components of the saw headset. Bus length affects the depth of cut: what it is longer, the large-diameter trunk can handle chainsaw Kiev. But be sure to take into account that the length of the bus must be consistent with a power saw.

In case of insufficient engine power saws you have to support efforts to make when sawing, and this will inevitably lead to premature amortization saw the headset and the engine, and also to an increase in fuel consumption. This occurs because the longer the tire, the more resistance it has angular momentum engine crankshaft. Therefore, the specifications must be indicated chainsaw recommended, ie Maximum length of bus (bus shorter length can be set, a more – not the best). In most cases, chainsaws for domestic class used tires from 12 to 16 inches (30-40 cm), the professional – to 75 cm Services chainsaw. The air filter should be almost always clean (no dirt or sawdust); foam filter should be wetted with oil. The fuel filter should be checked once a week (replace if necessary). Checking tightening nuts and bolts – before starting work.

Cleaning soot from the muffler (or grid) and candles – to demand of the. Bearing centrifugal mechanism lubricated (if needed) 1 times a week. Tire wear chainsaw depends on the care ney. asterisk oil 1 time a day (in winter – at any refueling). Cloth bus cleaned of chips and turn on 180 – 1 per day. To remove burrs to comply with guard rails perpendicular to the groove of the oil supply – 1 per week. Cutting bodies should not be bad and properly sharpened with applying the necessary templates and files, depending on the type of circuit. Then, a few grindings monitor height limiter cutting depth – the gap between the limiter and the edge of the cutting teeth should be 0.7 mm. Regularly monitor the chain tension – it should neither sag nor be taut: improper tension will lead to an overload of the motor and the intensive wear (and indeed break) of the chain and tires. Chain lubrication. To apply any pure engine oil. Do not apply the "practicing" or "veretenku" and so on! Continuous monitoring of the oil pump – more short-term operation without lubrication will lead to accelerated wear chains, sprockets / clutch and tires.