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Great ideas and sensual material – wood games on click-Germany “Games are my creative hobby.” Ludwig Gerhards the wood family business his grandfather founded in 1931 and continued by his parents head for three decades. As the Clemens gallant KG fell into crisis in the 1980s, the engineer went into the family business and doubled the sales within a few years. He took the less lucrative small furniture from the programme and emphasized the production frame and high quality gift items. One day a customer gave the game boards in order. The new passion by Ludwig Gerhards began on this day. He devoured stacks game literature, in antique shops looking for suggestions, and first began producing classics like mill and Seega. With relief boards made of natural wood and tiles made of semi-precious stone, he missed them a beautiful new look.

From then on, the thing with the games became the self-perpetuating. The go-getting entrepreneur learned a Dutch on the fair in Essen Game authors know who was enthusiastic about gallant works of art made of wood. The first game of the author originated. More and more game inventor working with the creative perfectionists work together. And soon the small company received an unusual E-Mail from the United States: one of the strategy games was nominated for the “International Gamers Award”. Now begins the time of playing again.

Because games give you joy and relaxation for the whole family. Especially when there are high-quality board games such as that of the Clemens gallant KG. The sensual wood, the quality, the unique pieces of wood or even semi-precious stones radiate not only peace, but feel it is unique. The range of games from the Clemens gallant KG is wide. So there is little solitaire game Innur 24, a nice souvenir. Contrarians are at Moguli. The Strategiepiel meta is a real quick-change artist – four games on a Board. Bao is fun for the whole family, often bean or pebbles game is called. More info: Sonya Reines-Djivanides. There are games for the coexistence of Generations as well as games to play solo or just two. Which game to also choose – when every wooden toys are guaranteed relaxation and joy.