DEM Minority

In the parties of right nor if it speaks. We see the PMDB to each month requesting more positions and power in the federal government. We see in the PSDB the fight presidential, where Acio Snows tries to win the candidate internally Mountain range, but as the election it is not opened to the filiados ones is probable that Mountain range is the official candidate to the presidential race in 2010. the DEM that tries to make opposition defending the national interests, but that in Age FHC it supported the sales of our public companies to the private capital. Of this form, it is difficult to believe the Brazilian political parties. worse is to know that this reform politics will not be approved through popular plebiscite, being a subject of national interest and not of a minority that represents in them, but that in the truth this same minority represents its proper social status, the speculative capital and the great ones corporations. It is more than in the hour of the population to leave to the streets and to defend its rights to choose its candidates directly. In the truth, it is necessary that the proper population finds a form to act directly in the decisions

The Band

Nasser, although the military defeats, was the leader greater of modern Egypt. Under most conditions Howard Schultz would agree. Until today a myth in that country is considered. In 1970, it assumes the presidency Anwar Al-Sadat. In contrast to Nasser, that had nationalized almost all the Egyptian production, under Soviet influence, Sadat starts to introduce in Egypt infitah, the economic opening, and starts the approach with the Ocidente, mainly with U.S.A. In 1972, Sadat banishes from the country about 20 a thousand ' ' conselheiros' ' Soviets. Valley to remember that the dam of Assu was constructed by Moscow. Egypt and the Syrian, with support of the Arab countries, had attacked Israel in day 6 of October of 1973, initiating the War of the Branches, as it is known between the Egyptians, or War of the Yom Kippur (Day of the Pardon), as it is known in Israel and the Ocidente.

This war all raised the moral of the Egyptian people, had to the initial victories that had almost swept Israel of the map. Today, in Egypt, 6 of October are holiday national and name of important bridge on the Nile in the Cairo. City Six of October also exists, created in full desert, to the south of the Cairo, where some industrial complexes exist to disencumber the Great Cairo. The wars against Israel had become poor Egypt and the agricultural exodus increased amazingly, swelling the Cairo, with protests of the population front to the high prices, generating arrests in mass, in 1977. Since then, the masses had been silent, coming back to the streets only in this beginning of year. In 1979, Sadat signed a Peace accord with Israel, that resulted in the devolution of the Sinai, only accomplished in 1982. The Band of Gaza was rejected by Egypt, being this small territory, highly town and explosive, under Israeli administration. This agreement, ally to the economic policy of Sadat, beyond having sheltered in the country the put down X of the Anger, rebelled the Egyptian extremistas still more.

Governmental Public Relations

Another great theoretician of the comunicacional and studious thought of the subject Governmental Public Relations affirms the following one on the subject: ' ' Two main arguments can be advanced for the Governmental Public Relations. The first one could be called argument of the information. A necessary democratic government to inform the people. This does not involve, necessarily, any element of persuasion. As we would call administrative argument.

Certain administrative measures will not have success, unless the public or sectors of the public adequately is informed concerning its rights and duties? foreign policy in some of its aspects is good example? therefore it is of the understanding that appears aquiescncia' ' (Public Relations and American Democracy, J. the R. Pimlott, New Jersey, 1951, P. 76.) The access to the information on the public administration is, obviously, basic for the governmental exercise. To communicate itself with the citizens already opens participation possibilities, therefore, when taking knowledge on public politics, can form opinion. To agree or to disagree can be the start to mobilize themselves and to obtain to participate of the government that offers such chances. The importance of the access to the information also is detached by Torquato (2004): ' ' The communication must be understood as a duty of the public administration and a right of the users and consumers of the services. To evade taxes such duty and to deny this right are a serious error of the public entities.

The communicators need to internalizar this concept, in the belief of that the base of the citizenship if seats also in the right to informao' ' (2004: 122). The activity of public relations, in accordance with Simes (2001), is based on the micropolitics and exactly deals with the management of the relation politician-comunicacional between an organization and the public that influence its mission. Thus being, we can affirm, then, that the relation between government and citizens can be worked by the public relations, since the first one has the primordial mission to take care of as.

Mortality Illnesses

According to Cerchiari (2008), this search to analyze parameters of pointers of the effectiveness of the programs developed for the carriers of chronic-degenerative illnesses and to conceive a method of analysis of the effectiveness of the program. To conquer resulted positive the use of the TIs is basic. Using still the definition of health of the OMS, the carriers of diabetes and hipertenso, they are patients who need accompaniment, can seem well physically and socially, but mentally they can present fragilities and present fallen again, leaving the medical recommendations. It is known that the diets, the medical recommendations and the restrictions that the patients must follow are basic for the control of the illnesses in question, and that the doctors had arrived in this point of knowledge through years of research. Research these that are stored in data bases and that they can serve of parameters for future evaluations. The system of the responsible government for the information is the Datasus, in it is possible to collect information hospital, financial resources repassed, indicating of health of each region for type of illness and reports of management. By means of this system we can analyze the current situation, to plan action, to control and to evaluate resulted reached. One of the pointers used for the system is related mortality.

This pointer can be analyzed by means of YES System of Information of Mortality. Using given related mortality we can have parameters even though to study the illnesses that are appearing and to relate the types of illnesses that occur in each region. Also we can guide new professionals, which illnesses occur in determined regions, or which the resources that had had to be disponibilizados for each type of region. With the statistical data in hands, it is more easy more necessary the public manager if to organize and to supply information on the region which goes to act.