Hybrid Tea

On average, 1 m were planted 2 to 3 bush. Well look a few bushes of English roses, planted at a distance of 50cm triangle from each other, creating the effect of a large, luxuriously flowering shrub. In large shrub roses are sometimes seen denuded of bush and then it can be placed in front of them to hide low-growing roses. Special care shelter for the winter. Gardeners all over the world adore roses and grow them in the very different climate. Residents of the southern regions, of course, was more fortunate.

But We complain. You can not worry about too sheltered Canadian roses. It is worth zamulchirovat ground bottom bush. Swarmed by offers, Electrolux is currently assessing future choices. Many ground cover roses, too, can not hide. But, while hardiness in modern Shrub higher than that Hybrid Tea roses and floribunda groups, many of them still need shelter for the winter. It goes without shelter is more difficult because of the bushes.

Re-blooming shrub roses, Shrub can reach in the growing period of 1.5 m in height and more Frostscale shoots quickly restored. The main thing that wintered lower buds. In late October, held in the autumn pruning – 1 / 3 the length of shoots and low bush mulching and shelter. Should be more carefully cover English Roses, and inoculated at planting should be sunk more than the usual roses. In tall Shrub shoots need to try to bend to the ground. Shrubs can be broken into with one hand and put them to prishpilivaya ground. Weighed down the branches are placed on a layer of spruce branches, or to melt the ground under the shelter of roses can rot.

The Garden

Low porters contrasted with bosquets – Trimmed exactly as many walls trees and bushes. Art palace gardeners are produced in Garden entire system of small "rooms" and "cabinet" which reside along the narrow paths. Some of these ideas can certainly be applied in planning your own garden. And who knows, may highlight your garden style will be exactly the regular style. What we can really take advantage of the arsenal of gardening experience of bygone days? For example, will issue a flower garden with curly trimmed evergreen shrub. After all, for one bush enough there will be 2 m2. Just 2 or 3 of the bush, arranged symmetrically, will determine the nature of the garden as a whole.

Bush tonsured as a ball and placed in the center of a flower bed looks cool. Evergreen plantings can be shade color or white gravel, as well as make some recovery by some of the flowering plants. All these ideas are acceptable now. Cozy nook can be created from a small area of several square meters. Semicircular alcove with a bench, split with the house impenetrable to an outsider view of the living green fence or trellis-pillar with vines. Italian style. One of the ways to use regular style is style Italian, who finished later own niche in the landscaping. This small-scale garden, adjacent to the main park or a villa, surrounded by lively tonsured hedge or wall. Italian gardens usually surface (similar to a regular), divided into simple geometric shapes by direct or diagonal paths.

After Flowering

Flowers in a pineapple, tubular, pale, color change depends on the lighting, from pale blue to dark crimson. Flowering lasts from 7-8 to 10-15 days depending on variety and conditions growth. The smell of flowers gentle, not strong, with a typical pineapple flavor. Subsequently formed a complex fruit, harvested from the set of hexagons. As soon as the stem starts to grow, renew nitrogen feeding. After a while the fetus becomes an amber-yellow color with a typical pineapple aromas and flavors. From flowering to full ripening takes place from 4 to 7 months depending on the varietal characteristics.

Often crown prevents complete the widening of the stems, taking the full force of its development. There are usually offered at once to remove her point of growth. Beginners it is difficult to make because you can miss the point pinched. Better to wait until the end bloom. But virtually impossible to remove the growing point, because it is the plant one and originates from the root of the neck.

So the notion of 'deletion points of growth' conditional. Through pinched, there is growth inhibition of the crown. Trimming of the growing point should be repeated several times. We can add that value also depends on the whorls of varieties of pineapple. If you do not transplant the pineapple flowers every year. After Flowering transplanted child outlet. Soil mix for plants are made of sod, leaves, humus, sand and peat. Before pineapple reaches maturity, it should be twice transplanted: the first time – in three months after the removal of basal offspring, the second time – a year later. Remember the sharp bevel on the leaves of pineapple and all work is carried out with gloves on! Preparing for a new pot plants, take care of good drainage. When 'll sprinkle the roots with fresh soil, do not ram it too much. Before transplanting well pour the plant after transplanting for two days holding a pineapple in the background, giving him the opportunity to properly take root. Disease and pest spider mites is affected by dry air, mealybugs, schitovkami on leaves and stems appear brown patches, aphids, phylloxera. The plant can be helped by treatment with soap and water, warm and washing the spray aktellikom (1-2 ml per liter of water). It is important to know the leaves of pineapple drying soil: the room is too hot and the plant is not enough moisture. Water and spray it on a regular basis. Bring a pot of more than cool place. The pale color of leaves: a sign of lack of light. Put the pot closer to the window. The tops of the leaves become brown and dry up: most likely, not humid in the room. Mist plant and increase the humidity in the room. Grows slowly and does not bloom: the lack of probable cause necessarily Feed the power plant. Dry out, curl and droop lower leaves – a sign of disastrous drafts. Put the pot in a sheltered place. The plant is rotting at the base: probable cause waterlogging of the soil, and the room is too cold. Transfer the pineapple to a warmer and better ventilated room, a little dry ground. If the rot spreads above, the plant will die. Rosette leaves loose and falling to the side: the reason may be lack of light. Removed removed