Aircraft Funds

Aircraft funds defy economic crisis and external adversity of aircraft funds are popular with investors because of their relatively high security for some time. This trend has solidified in particular in Germany, after the brisk demand A380 holdings were first offered. Not about invested investor according to the initiator association VGF in this country alone in the third quarter 2010 200 million in closed-end funds for aircraft, an increase of 140% on the previous quarter and even 350% compared to the previous year. Thus this type of Fund swung aloft is currently a bestseller among the holdings of the closed. Because unlike the ship investments of benefited aircraft funds during the economic crisis of its rock-solid concept, often in lopsided: initiators long-term rent the acquired aircraft to an airline, which the proceeds of the first lease are secured. This applies even if unexpected adversities such as, for example, the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull, package bombs in cargo planes or the Some A380 engine problems lead to longer service life, as the initiators or aircraft Fund are not affected by such additional costs. Rather only the airlines for operating -, maintenance – and repair costs responsible in accordance with the lease agreement. Possible rights of recourse of the airlines to third parties which could arise airlines against Rolls Royce, for example, in the current case Singapore, touch the aircraft investment not the lessee is also fundamentally committed to the performance of the lease payments.

As a result, that aircraft funds punctually and in the forecast amount pay out usually in times of crisis. Although this investment vehicle is not completely risk-free”, Dr. Jurgen Hilp analyzed, the AAD Fund discount GmbH. on the one hand, the risk due to bankruptcy of the airline what minimize for thorough examination of the economic performance of the lessee by experienced fund initiators however Plenipotentiary of course can be. In a very rare case, the leasing object should accordingly be re-booked, so that during the transitional period of the rental would set a yield reduction.

On the other hand, there is the danger of a loss of image for certain types of aircraft, technical problems over a period of time as resistant should prove. This would have then negative impact on the resale value of the machine after the expiry of the lease or, where appropriate, to reduce the connection lease”, Dr. Jurgen Hilp admits. Short-term effects on aircraft funds are therefore not to be expected. And in the long term market observers estimate the Outlook positive. Impact on the passenger demand, particularly for the A380 are not expected, as available alternative technical solutions by competing producers despite the engine problems. Consumption point of view, the A380 to airlines is currently already unbeatably cheap. In addition, a further integrate itself and growing global economy ensures increasing demand in the aviation industry. The booking figures almost to pre-crisis level are already today. Global passenger traffic and the average engine load also the trend is clearly upwards. So, the prospects for closed-end funds of aircraft remain more attractive despite external adversity. About AAD Fund discount GmbH, the AAD Fund discount GmbH is an independent fund placement firm based in the university town of Marburg. It offers investors the opportunity to acquire more than 9,000 mutual funds and virtually all closed-end funds at discount rates without subscription fee. Contact Stefan Gobel reel 1 35037 Marburg Tel.: 06421-979-020 fax: 06421-933-570