Cabinet Making

Manufacturing to customer's design: – a piece of furniture without loss of complexity, including copies of exclusive items – veneer fireplace with a decor of wood – interior parts with profiles of high complexity (baseboard, cornices, doors, elements of stairs, etc.). Restoration: – furniture of any complexity and style (including soft), antiques – antique clock (shells). Great experience. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jonas Samuelson is the place to go. Individual approach. Ability to produce large: we produce both straight and curved, curvilinear elements. We are ready to design and create furniture, furnishings, accessories hand made.

You can order from us: living room furniture kitchen furniture cabinet, bedroom furniture, children's bedroom doors, trim, cornices, wall panels, staircases and other interior elements. In the products we use are hard and exotic woods, a huge variety of veneers, natural materials, non-toxic dyes for decorative furniture. As well as working with plastic, laminate, plexiglass, with natural and artificial stone and other materials. In the production of furniture most of the work performed manually. Production of case furniture. Fabrication of hull pieces of furniture made in our shop from an array of different types of wood and other materials.

Our equipment allows us to perform any work on making cabinets to order, both classical and contemporary forms. Elite furniture. Luxurious and exclusive furniture made to individual designs and sizes, which guarantees originality and an ideal introduction into the allotted space of the interior. In the design process of elite furniture, you can use variations of classic styles, with their verified forms and furniture can be almost an exact replica of really existing 'museum' furniture. Quality production of elite furniture with age becomes a matter of antiques, while significantly increasing in value. We specialize in the production of exclusive, elite furniture, solid wood made to order. For the production of luxury furniture used solid wood oak, walnut, cherry, wenge and other precious and exotic species with the possible addition of metal, gold, carvings, stained glass and decorative glass. Manufacture luxury furniture in every possible style decision and in the style of any interior. We can make exclusive furniture, together with the interior or build furniture in the finished interior of the Customer.

Furniture Art Deco

In the world it is called Art Deco, France often sounds "Art Nouveau", in Russia, this style is often referred to as modernity. Art Deco style became widespread in the years 1918-1939. France and the new style took just a few years to acquire popularity in the U.S. under the name Hollywood "style" stars. Having transformed itself from a purely French phenomenon into a global character and style. Learn more at: Electrolux.

Art Deco – a style that combines classicality, straightness and symmetry. Sinuous lines, unexpected combination of exotic materials, exquisite images of fantastic creatures – art deco feel is no accident, "the last of the artistic styles" that managed to combine incongruous, creating new meanings and images. It is considered that its birth art deco influence must completely different directions – from the Art Nouveau and Cubism, to the ancient arts of the East, and Africa. And the term Art Deco takes its beginning of the name of the international exhibition of contemporary and decorative arts and crafts (Exposition Internationale des Art Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes), which was held in Paris in 1925. It was there in full and submitted to achieve decorative and applied arts of the time. However, the term Art Deco came into the lexicon later – in 1966, when the show was revived in the Paris Museum of Decorative Arts (Musee des Arts Decoratifs). Art Deco deliberately, defiantly paradoxical and bizarre. Juggle the symbols and images built in Art Deco in the super-task, so there is nothing strange in the fact that this style became so popular during the perfectionism of modern design.

Dynamics of lines and shapes, fancy intricacy of colors and images form the unthinkable before design, harmoniously combining the many beautiful things. Art Deco is equally far from clear how minimalistiki Constructivism, with its emphatic coldness of forms and combinations, and from the unbridled fervor of classic style. Eclecticism, erected into a principle – in this whole Art Deco. Proponents of Art Deco pointedly ignored the mass industrial production, insisting on the exclusive manufacture of items used are expensive and precious materials – snake skin and ivory, exotic wood and bronze. Simultaneously elegant and functional furniture in combination with somodostatochnymi decorative elements – the basic components of art-deco style. The beginning and the essence of the aesthetics of the space in the Art Deco style – expensive exclusive furniture that meets the basic requirements of comfort and luxury. In this furniture found embodied the unique design principles, new modern technologies of wood processing, polishing, and inlays. Often such elite furniture in the Art Deco style made using exotic materials, foundation colors for furniture Art Deco put milk and a bronze color, rich shades of ocher, the color of antique gold. Designers Furniture Art Deco intentionally make discreet emphasis to the original outline, combinations of broken and straight lines.