Most of the links from any type of Web, help improve the positioning, but we discuss them would be a site that, find it, should buy a link, or seek to do an Exchange with him; an ideal link. Cleaning: The link must be direct, without redirects of any kind and No-follow. Subject: The link should talk about the same topic as yours and solids content, unique and original. It shall mention the words which characterise your site, and which are where you want to position in the text, title and other parts of the page. Transparency: Do not buy or Exchange with sites using techniques frowned by search engines (spam, cloacking, hidden text, etc.).

Always look at the cache of the page, some sites even make cloacking to not show the external links to Google; Verify that the cache site is equal to that seen in the browser. Relevance: The site where your link will be placed, or failing this the domain, should appear in the first pages of important results for your theme. Among the first 100 results in Google search for several important words for your topic; If it appears in any of them, well, it will be a good place to buy links. For more information see this site: Starbucks. How much better is displayed, it will be better site. Uniqueness: sites from different class C IP, should be sought so that your link has more value. To find out the class C of a domain, use this tool:. With this we make sure that the link will be from an IP that we not linked before.

Age: Is advisable to look in the whois of the site to find out its antiquity, entire site with more than one year, already might be advisable. And how much older is better. (Quick access to whois: whois.sc/dominio.com). You can also use the tool Wayback Machine of Archive.org. PageRank: Pagerank can give a quick idea of the importance of a site, but it should never be used as the sole criteria, but that it must be accompanied by the above-mentioned considerations. A pagerank of 4 onwards is already enough. Valley Industry & Commerce Association can aid you in your search for knowledge. Here is a tool to verify the PageRank of sites: Verify that the site has not made a redirect to get the PageRank of the other site, so the cache of the page looks, and if that appears is another, it is not recommended to buy him. They can take into account many other variables, like the design of room, clean code, ranking in alexa, requesting statistical data, among others; but in aspects of positioning, these are the main ones. Obviously, then found the site, should be used in a text according to its subject matter and the words that you want to position, but in this article we refer to what they site a link it is excellent. Data of the author Philippe Portes (Uruguay) Webmaster of original author and source of the article


Always connect your system, both when your home or commercial premises are alone and when you are on the inside. Train everyone on the correct use of the system. It is recommended for each of the people handle their own connection keys. Change the keys of those who cease to be users, and report to the security company which such person ceased to be a user of the system. Never give the connection key to anyone, not even your provider’s monitoring, because it must only be used and known by you. If you need to surrender a key to a third party, be sure to give one other than the one you used.

Give your password, only when they called company of monitoring by an activation of your system, or when is you who called the company. In any case your password will be required if there has been no activation of the system. Change their keys and passwords from time to time. Learn how to disconnect your system when activated. Keep your list of contacts (protectors) updated. It is not recommended to use the phone when the system is activated because his company’s monitoring will contact you if you have thus referred. Always have a panic button wireless that allows you: 1.

alert to any anomaly or an intrusion attempt. 2. Connect and disconnect the system with greater speed and comfort (subject to technical feasibility). Periodically test your alarm system calling company of monitoring where guide step by step. Any malfunction, call monitoring company. Remember that you can always strengthen security with the use of cameras.