Flower decoration must be combined with the colors of the interior. By the light cloth more suitable red, yellow, purple flowers, the dark – bright flowers. If the table was covered with a white tablecloth, a vase for flowers that should be light and thin, and if the color, the ceramic. Suitable for decorating the table almost all the flowers and plants: greenhouse, garden, wild, truncation and potted flowers. In winter, you can also use dried flowers and potted plants are cut flowers. To fix them in a pan or use piaflor oasis that are pre-moistened and placed in a vase. For example, to a celebratory dinner is perfect composition in the form of a globe.

Plants should go as if from a single point. The length of the stems are almost identical, thereby forming a ball. To experience the ease and splendor composition was particularly easy, you can break the shape of a ball, adding a sprig of Limonium. Color scheme must be chosen so that the bottom was darker colors, and above – are lighter. Very romantic dinner with candles in English.

This is usually a dinner for one or two pairs of close friends. Table design is different abundance of detail. Rare flowers, antique candlesticks, honey dishes – everything has to be refined and perfectly matched to each other, creating an environment magical world of love and harmony. This will help a lot of light music and a fire in the fireplace. The scheme of laying the table for a dinner: champagne glasses and white wine, medium-sized devices soup spoon (if the menu includes soup), great dessert devices, small leather for butter, a large soup plate, a plate of bread (for appetizer with champagne, soup, main dish with white wine, dessert). Exquisite food and good wine will make a memorable dinner by candlelight. Candles and ribbons in the design of the table increase the solemnity of the holiday. Arrange candles on a festive table can be in several different ways: put them in flower arrangement, set apart in between the candle bouquets, create a group of candles. They can stand upright in candlesticks or be screwed to the holders of wire colors, towering bouquets. Better take the white candle or Cremona. Candleholder not have to be made of silver. You can buy beautiful and stylish candle holders made of glass, porcelain, ceramic, metal (eg steel). The candle can be inserted even figured carved a piece of bread. If you do not want to put on the table, candle holders, candles to take cups, candles, or simply – for an unusual effect – candles floating in the water. On the tray you can put a whole 'sea' candles. The more candles, the spectacular lighting. But in all cases, the management sense of proportion, that it will help create a cozy atmosphere in your home. However, if you want to make your table look elegant, remember that jewelry must be in measure.