Repair work is very challenging. To him must be approached very carefully and seriously. Additional information is available at Douglas R. Oberhelman. So how much better proivesti a good, thoughtful, even an expensive repair, as from time to time to deal with minor updates premises. At the present time is often used in interior decoration, natural, natural materials. Firstly, they are absolutely safe for human health. It is very important, if you have kids. Secondly, Natural materials are often perfectly fit into any interior room.

In implementing the repair should focus on the floor. Parquet, today is very common. Such coverage has high technical performance and artistic merit, are often entirely transforming the interior of the room. Also, the wooden floor is warm and will last for a long time. Laminate has several compelling advantages. Main advantage to other types of coatings is the ease and efficiency, as the material and installation. If there is a simple set of basic tools, instructions and desire, we can easily cope with the laying of its own. Daily care for laminate flooring is very elementary.

Its unlikely to spoil the kids or pets. On it you can even go on roller skates. In addition, There is a huge amount of design ideas using a laminate. This is due to the fact that it is produced with the imitation of various tree species (eg, a laminated beech). Therefore, the number of colors you can tell indefinitely. To date, almost all manufacturers of laminate flooring have in their collections of patterns that simulate traditional parquet board of various widths and textures, coating of wood "antique", as well as natural stone and ceramics. At present, the manufacture and sale of parquet and laminate is engaged in many firms (eg, laminate Vintage). Consequently, there is enormous competition among them. Therefore, a very thorough approach to the question of the choice of flooring. Main immediately determine the type of premises, where will be installed as laminate flooring. For example, in the kitchen or hallway, outdoor coating is subjected to more wear and tear. Selection of the laminate should be accompanied by a separate treatment of attention to its density. What it is, the stronger will be laminated.

Urban Development Code

April 15, 2010 Justice Ministry registered for N 16 902 Order of the Minister of Regional Development from 30.12.2009 N 624 "On approval of list of works on engineering surveys, preparation of project documentation, construction, reconstruction, overhaul of capital construction projects that affect the safety of capital construction projects' which will come into force on 1 July 2010. In the new list of Regional Development of the system away from the work of the Codes okdp specifically listing all the work for which you want to obtain a certificate of admission to the construction works. Changed significantly and the content of the list: it decreased from 779 to 353 types of work. However, some species and Group work (marked in the list with *) require a certificate of admission to the types of work affecting the safety of capital construction, only in case of orders for high-risk, technically complex and unique objects referred to in Art. 48.1 Development Code.

From the new list excluded the majority of subcontracting (eg, installation and commissioning of engineering systems), which, in fact, engaged in small entrepreneurs. Therefore, from 1 July 2010, most small and medium sized companies can work on construction sites, not being members of the sro in the building from the new list excludes a considerable part of the subcontract, and that engaged in small businesses. Therefore, from 1 July 2010, most small and medium-sized companies will be able to work on construction sites, not being members of the sro in the building But what about those companies that have entered the cpo in accordance with requirements of the old list, but now they need to obtain depositions on admission to the construction works? On April 28 the State Duma of the Russian Federation introduced a draft Federal Law N 252540-5 'On Amendments to the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation and some legislative acts of the Russian Federation "(hereafter – Draft Law). Its adoption in general, is scheduled for June 2010. Bill provides an opportunity for the person receiving the certificate of admission to the construction activities that affect the security of capital construction and are excluded from the old list of works, leave member of the sro in the building with the return of previously paid the entry fee and contributions to the compensation fund SRO