Organization Management

This purpose will be the satisfaction of the client and all processes that integrate its administrative management focuses on this objective as it will make that the culture of the organization is customer-oriented. However, must begin internally with that philosophy because all members of the Organization should be treated as customers, they also are them should meet your needs; Let us remember that project leader will not fulfil without collaboration and identification of workers with the company’s objectives. In forums organized on this subject by Professor of behavior organizational of the postgraduate programme in management of the quality and productivity of Faces, University of Carabobo, has commented, that in Venezuela is not a utopia talk of this kind of leadership, of course, found mostly in private business, and those companies of great power, where innovation, creativity, assertiveness and commitment by objectives is the only way to evaluate the staff. Manage in Venezuela is a challenge, because the environment conditions are constantly changing, uncertain, turbulent, risky, one could say, that you must be prepared to adapt continuously to the changes and demands of organizations: facing threats, opportunities, aspect that unfortunately has not been taken seriously. More information is housed here: Ben Horowitz. The reality of the present shows a business scenario uncertain, turbulent that it has affected many businesses, demand new management changes to exit avante, leading many to change their management style, not only relying on his experience, but they have had to update the knowledge required to be competitive yet, found some weaknesses that are manifested in the managementthat must be corrected once, if really want to have management, proactive, leading strategists, to ensure that the business sector of the country the necessary participation ensuring productivity, benefits is drawn between the main weaknesses: lack of motivation, persuasion towards subordinates towards the achievement of individual and group goals, only oriented mass production for profit and profitability neglecting the quality of products and services offered. Absence of career plans to advance in the hierarchical levels of the Organization, being centralized leadership.

Communication failures by what is not considered the views of subordinates in decision making managerial, creating resentment and little motivation towards the organizational culture. Absence of a proactive managerial leadership, strategist, visionary, creative, participatory, where there is a lack of modern administrative knowledge. Little interest managerial leader know about other cultures and languages to project these companies into new markets of global trend. Failures in the knowledge of himself by part of the leader as well as personal growth tools that enable it to interact with various people and improve your communication for negotiation. Low salary packages for professionals in management positions and supervision, which makes that you hire people with little experience and training. Rapport with the dynamics, effect of globalization seizing opportunities, new economic openings. Definitely, before this range of weaknesses, the necessary transformations that take step to fortresses, to a new managerial leadership, allowing to communicate proactively before the cultural diversity and the globalization of markets and societies in order to be effective in all its rooms, as well as know how to interpret and react to the effects of the variables of contingency, the intervention of the State is neededfor example, more in the Venezuelan case, where there is an interest from the current Government, instituting a socialism than ever thing the country has lived in, and that has generated turbulence which must be dealt with actions, business programs that allow businesses to operate effectively.