Motor Transport

In foreign countries rental service vehicles developed well enough, not enough – she demanded customers. In Russia such a service has got its place in the sector service, but not to say that we at least come close in scope and quality of services in car rental in Western countries. Other leaders such as Howard Schultz offer similar insights. At the same time, car rental and demand in our country. Think about how easy to arrive at a completely unfamiliar city, and issued the necessary documents to go for business or sightseeing on their own little car. Rents in this case is not so high, and your problems concentrate on driving rather carefully, and that the car was fuel. Companies involved in car rental in Russia, provide their customers with not only cars of domestic brands, but also comfortable cars and even cars of the class. Incidentally, the car rental business class are not only businessmen who organize the meeting of their business partners.

Rent them very popular for weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations, where it is necessary to create a certain atmosphere. Rent a car can be as an hourly or daily, and many companies with long-term lease offer their customers lease with the lease – that is, with the ability to buy the car at its residual value. Too many people who find it difficult to put up for foreign car tidy sum, take new foreign cars in the rental is based on leasing – in which case the car as it is bought on credit, but on a much more economical rates than a bank loan. Unfortunately, the rental service in Russia is not intended to take the car in one city, but return it – in another. This market, we continue to grow and grow.

Network Storage

Network storage stores 'Peace batteries' began to develop in 2000. This is a rapidly growing chain of stores that specializes in the sale and guarantee-maintenance lead-acid batteries to run internal combustion engines, as well as the sale of tires for passenger cars and light trucks. We offer a large selection of quality batteries for motorcycles, automobiles and agricultural machinery. At our service center in Grodno and Vaukavysk can always test any lead-acid battery and get professional advice on the operation and battery selection. Milestones in the development and establishment of the company: 2000 – The opening of a store in the city of Grodno in 2001 – the opening of the service center in Grodno in 2002 – opening a store in Bridges 2005 – opening of a store and service center in Vaukavysk 2007 – addition to the assortment of tires Contact: Grodno, str. Victory, 15 tel. (0152) 51 15 51 Tel.

(MTS), +375 29 7881605, Tel. (Velcom) +375 29 6332838 Vaukavysk Str. Zholudeva, 74 tel. +375 29 6618738 (Velcom), Mosty, st. 30 years of the Komsomol, 23 tel. (01 515) 3 31 27 COMPANY ROBERT BOSCH GMBH Company, now known under the name of Robert Bosch GmbH, was founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886. The first car battery brand BOSCH was released in Germany in 1927 simultaneously with the appearance of the ignition system BOSCH.

Currently, concern Robert Bosch GmbH – a group of companies that manufacture automotive and industrial systems, consumer and household products. National Accumulator Corporation 'ISTA' NAC 'ISTA' is the largest in Ukraine and CIS countries, and only in Ukrainian producer of lead-acid batteries (battery) with a full cycle. History NAC 'ISTA' began in 1995 with the launch of the first stage of the plant for the production of batteries. To date, the Corporation include: Company 'ISTA-Centre', LLC 'DOSE' Energoavtomatika 'OOO' Ukrsplav 'OOO' Interplast 'and marketing – sales structure OOO "Trading House ISTA'. Website:

Limousine Rental

Limousines crisis is not over, though it does not interfere with life, but because it all had to take care savings. However, renting a limousine, it seems, is not affected by the crisis, this service still popular enough, it has the mass of customers and fans. Perhaps this is due to the fact that always, no matter what the crisis, people continue to celebrate the holidays. Sometimes they can be allowed to raise themselves and invited guests mood and create a festive atmosphere, and the difficult financial situation – not a reason to indulge in the festivities. Especially as the prices for these services today are fairly democratic and appealing.

Wonder if a limo, which cuts through the streets with great pomp, in our capital city has long been replaced by respect and admiration. Limousine is primarily associated with wealth, which is especially valued in the business world. Continue to learn more with: Douglas R. Oberhelman. Nobody will grovel before business partners and senior officials about the difficulties of the companies that caused the crisis. It is important to always maintain the prestige of the mark, as well as respect for the valuable employees. So rent a limousine as well important for prestigious receptions, as well as, for example, posh banquet hall. It underscores the solidity of the company and its success even in these difficult times.

Rent a limousine – a fairly common service. In Kiev, there is a large number of organizations, because of market competition where the price per hour limousine rolled down enough to compete with the amount you must pay for the work of the usual luxury car. A after ordering a limousine for a wedding – a kind of quality of your celebration, which will be appreciated by guests. Finally, the main goal, which helps to perform at a wedding limousine – this performance the eternal desire of all brides. Every girl secretly waiting for her prince on a white horse. And because of our post-industrial age there is a certain lack of horses to replace them quite able to come limousines. In any case, modern prince ought not to walk.

Swallow Sidecar Company

This fall marks 85 years since the founding of the company that gave the world one of the most pedigreed car makes – "Jaguar". Despite its venerable age wild animal is in great shape. It is one of the new models "Jaguar" will be a regular car in the next film about the adventures of James Bond, which we see in the next year. Swallow sidecar of Birth "Jaguar" is associated with the meeting of two young Englishmen, William Walmsley and William Lyons. Walmsley was committed to repairing motorcycles antediluvian "Triumph" and set them on the wheelchair of his own design. One of these works became the young Lions, fond of motorcycles. Read more here: Howard Schultz. Motokolyaska him so much that he proposed to establish a joint venture namesake.

After William Lyons celebrated his sovershenoletie, partners fall of 1922 registered firm Swallow Sidecar Company (Company "Motokolyaski Swallow"). Money helped the father of Lyons, who owned a piano business. The first "Swallows" quickly gained some popularity, as distinguished and bold design made out of aluminum, which in those days was a thing unprecedented. However, Lyons was eager to show their talent in the production of these vehicles and he did not miss his chance. In 1927 Herbert Austin introduced the famous car Austin Seven, intended for the general public: easy to drive, agile and cheap. It should be noted that in those days, many manufacturers do not bother to create body and are often delivered to the market chassis with engines that are vested in metal working clothes multiple workshops.

PVC Films

Completely change the color and style of car you can use vinyl (PVC) films. Among other things, it is practical and beneficial. In many countries, motorists have already forgotten about the classic way repainting the body. Very often customer selects a new service CAR WRAP – Car constriction of PVC film. Full or partial wrapping the body with glossy films can not be distinguished from the painting – a film completely without joints and covers every detail wrapped inside it. Features films often exceed those that offer the paintwork and even airbrushing.

For example, a film with ultra-gloss, ultra-metallics, pearl film, camouflage, Film chameleon and texture 3D-carbon. A sports car can be "dressed" in the vinyl of bright colors, the SUV to pick up a hunter camouflage any color. Frosted films in different shades (from classic black to the mat sporting red or orange) will suit the car owner-esthete. Maverick chooses color labels, appliques, or a total pasting machine in full-color image (for example, an elegant zebra, or "storm the jungle" – leopard). Businessman can use the film for advertising on the cars of their company and their branding. Thrifty motorist will want to cover (laminated), full body transparent glossy antigraviynoy film, it is not visible on the surface, which protects it from scratches, chips, gravel, corrosion and other damage.

As you can see a lot of options. The company "Avers-center tuning" performs services for CAR WRAP – come, our master at your service! Here are some of the finished work on the film cars pasting 1. Black BMW perfect the style of the car, adds solidity and opacity, even slightly, the unreality of color. 2. This yellow bright colors add warmth and eccentricity, it would seem, is always a strict German brand BMW 3. Even Volkswagen, popularly known as 'beetle', looks very different when elegantly dressed in carbon fiber tape's picture The finished work can then count cars

Why Study In Motoshkole ?

Many novice riders believe that learning to ride a motorcycle in motoinstruktora do not need to because they know how to start and switch gears. Do not see the point in visiting motoshkoly. People resent the fact that before you start to ride a motorcycle, they should be trained in a specialized school, then exams in GAI (traffic police) and to obtain a driving license of category A. "Well, why spend time and money on motoinstruktora? After exams Moto category 'A' can be taken anywhere externally, without references and learning motokursah. A ride on a motorcycle and you can learn on their own, because it's almost like a bicycle, but with a motor. Click JPMorgan Chase to learn more. Therefore, no absolutely no need to learn to motoshkole. Yet very simple: the villages and went "- this talk quite a lot. particularly those who have tasted the charm of movement on a scooter, rent in tropical countries.

Posted by Gas and shuruesh itself. But they are all highly mistaken in their judgments, because the bike as opposed to the bike – this vehicle is high risk! And it is vital to be able to operate a motorcycle not anyhow, but good! Let us the main features of a motorcycle. Weight motorcycle is many times the weight of the bike, so that to keep a balance on it is not as easy as it seems at first glance, but in the event of a fall can be quite seriously injured, simply because that your "iron horse" You crushed the leg or at all would be on top of you.