Atlantic Mata

Indispensable elements our survival and of the vegetal and animal life that lives in the Land. The hidrosfera of Guaratinguet more was analyzed in the work on the Pollution of the water in the city. Already this more than deals with the pollution to the ground and air. The ground is the portion surface of the lithospere where conditions exist to develop the life. In accordance with the climate and of the relief of the region that is enters the Mountain range of the Sea and of the Mantiqueira, it was to be found a region with many grassy trees, shrubs and, therefore is the region of Atlantic Mata here.

The man although to find odd therefore if he feels a being special is part of the biosfera that is formed by ground, for the plants and animals that live in the planet Land. thus being as creatures special perhaps believes that although all badly that the man makes to the nature will be one of the survivors. Howard Schultz may find this interesting as well. Despite also very of if speaking in the TV in lessons, to write in books and periodicals little of what it had to be made to prevent the destruction of the environment has been fact, waits that when the humanity to open the eyes is not late excessively for itself and for the destination of the life in the Land. The material and methods were used for the research, the direct comment, collection of material interview with pupils of the State School Clotilde Ayello Profa Rock. When analyzing the results of the research collected since the beginning of the year of 2011 and now we are at the beginning of September. It perceives that the loalidade that would have to be Atlantic Mata only finds focos, occured irreparable loss during the expansion of coffee in the region of the Valley of the difficult Paraba and to contain with the urban growth in the region that lives a period of transistion of field for city.


Thus being, the rejections matter in such a way how much admiring, not the initiates how much the initiates, the bad taste in such a way how much the good taste, and the people in such a way how much the workmanships, exactly that the life of the artists is less expressive than its pictures. 2MEDIAO In accordance with the author the term mentions everything to it that intervines between a workmanship and its reception and tends to substitute distribution or institutions, can be distinguished some categories from mediators as: the people, institutions, words and for the things, even so are, in the reality, narrowly on. 2.1Pessoas According to author a work of art if does not become as is without before it does not enter for the complex net of actors, (marchads to negotiate it, collectors, critics, connoisseurs, appraisers etc.). Thus: … between an art guided for the market and an art guided for the museums. This sociology of the market of the art will be able to be equally concentrated in certain categories of actors, such as the connoisseurs or agents of auction (pg 89). Thus, the activity of the critics can be the object of a sociology of the reception, and not only of a history of the richness of critical as it is practised traditionally in the literary studies. It can be treated to put in evidence, the continuity of the works of Pierre Bourdieu, the linking between the social status or politics of the critics and its aesthetic position. 2.2As Institutions the people frequent exert its activity in the picture of institutions that the history of the art demonstrated this well has its proper history and its logic. Thus, the economy is convoked when it demonstrates as the administrations concur for price increasing of the costs of the spectacle for the living creature, by means of subventions that raise the quality expectations stop beyond the offered possibilities for the market.