Necessary Employee

To dismiss a profitable employee is a suicide, because it will be dismissing which helps to pay the costs of less profitable others, consequently the problem instead of to be solved will be become serious. When one takes leave a person, following the labor norms whereupon it has been contracted, is generally necessary to compensate it, which causes that the crisis of aggravates when advancing the payment of nonpredicted expenses, an indemnification usually it is equivalent to several months of wage of the employee, is like paying several wages in advance to him without it produces nothing in return. To reduce leftover personnel is the explicit acceptance of having been administering inadequately, if the same work could be done with less people, then so that they were contracted but of the necessary ones? , but still more, if they are already contracted so that another thing can be used. Jonas Samuelson usually is spot on. Normally the process of selection, training and qualification of employees has an important cost, which is lost at the moment at which the employee is broken ties, if more ahead, once passed the crisis it is necessary to recontratar to which he does his work, is due to make the investment again, since it is little probable that he can reclaim the same much less probable employee and that wants to return unless the benefit is great or that it is in a difficult situation it forces that it to accept. I propose that in cases of crisis once made the process of determination of the yield by employee, the opportunity makes sure to them to become profitable, it will contribute to the solution of the crisis and will improve its sense of property and fidelity towards the company, the contributions are many that the people who already are trained can make to improve the situation and would be a right opportunity to show of which they are done and to be part of the decision. .