Mineral Processing Equipment

The characteristics of the mineral resources in China determine the detailed beneficiation after the mining, which will stimulate the development of mineral processing equipment (ore beneficiation) industry. With the rapid development of China s iron and steel industry, a number of new mineral resources are under development and the number of the ore surges, which shows that the beneficiation machinery will have a bright development prospect. Currently, mineral resources are developed constantly and resource pressures have become increasingly prominent. A big contradiction exists between extensive mineral processing and the reduction of resources. Therefore, the more sophisticated beneficiation process is urgently needed in the market.

The development of mineral processing equipment (ore flotation equipment) should develop towards the direction of finer. Improving the utilization of the ore and increasing the recovery rate of the dam are the focus of the future development of the manufacturers. Re-election equipment and flotation machine are the two main devices at this stage, but the utilization of such kind of equipment is generally low and it is difficult to meet the requirements; While the beneficiation mobile station is poor in mobility and it cannot meet the various beneficiation environments. Future beneficiation mobile station should vigorously adopt splicing techniques to adapt to a variety of devices and enhance its maneuverability.The development of the beneficiation process, in fact, is synchronized with the development of equipment and production technology will affect the quality of the mineral processing industry as a whole. The large-scale trend in mineral processing equipment is obvious.

The development of large-scale devices can greatly enhance the level of the beneficiation equipment manufacturers in China to improve the overall economic efficiency. The large ore equipment not only can reduce the infrastructure investment, but also reduces the area and power consumption. The large-scale direction of international mineral processing equipment helps to access to good technical and economic indicators. China s iron ore technology and equipment has made some achievements. The state continues to strengthen efforts to rectify the mining industry and a number of small coal mines and cement companies to be closed. Thus, the automation, large-scale and environmental protection of mineral processing equipment should be the future direction of development.