Shape Permanently

There are countless meals to lose weight that can be consumed, especially fruits and vegetables. Many of them produce what is known as negative calorie effect. This means that if you eat a chard that contains 9 calories for example, digest it will cost your body invest 9 calories. Thus, not only has not won but that has lost calories. This doesn’t mean that eating these foods for weight loss is enough to lose weight, but with a proper combination of food and an exercise routine albeit lightweight, will get better results.

Often these foods also is called them fat burners. Of course, in addition to meals to lose weight are which should be avoided at all costs. The frying should be his main enemy. They provide not only fat but that also the oil oxidizes them, converting them into compounds called peroxides, superoxides and radical free. These three chemical groups contain oxygen in highly reactive State, that attacks the molecules of your body and are responsible for premature aging (by ageing of cells and cell structures). The best foods to lose weight are those that are steamed, slightly boiled or if it is meat, grilled or baked. In this way retain all its nutrients and vitamins (which are destroyed with excessive heat), and do not provide substances that can do damage. This does not mean that meals to lose weight should not contain oil, all otherwise.

Fish and corn or olive oil provide certain types of fats that are indispensable and irreplaceable for the body and must be ingested in the diet. However, the best way to incorporate them is raw, adding it to food once boiled or cooked, because that way the oil does not reach the temperature required to decompose (approx. 200c) on substances that may be harmful to you. There is a guaranteed way to burn body fat quickly. If you find yourself in a State of despair at losing weight, the following message is the most It is important that you read. Now Click here.