Divorce and Finances

You can protect your credit and leave your divorce in the best possible financial conditions if you avoid these errors: 1) Everything including tries to obtain to the divorce. Itself you look for financial revenge of your ex- pair, olvdalo or otherwise you could suffer in the long term. The more you discuss on the distribution of the assets, the more honorary you are going to pay. The positions could become paralyzed financially as your new life begins and affect your capacity to obtain credit. Instead of this mantn the personal things outside the equation. It considers to work with a financial or mediating professional instead of to litigate. * Maintenance of joint credit.

Perhaps the credit card forgot to you with joint ownership, or perhaps you agree in maintaining the open and accessible letter for both, for any reason. Great error. If both cooperate, it works, but one stops paying or if the debt raises, the other spouse will continue being responsible. Before divorciarte, it reviews your statements of account and it pays all the joint credit cards. Otherwise, it transfers the balances to name of a person and closes the joint credit cards. If it worries to you that your pair can abrir a joint account during the divorce process, it considers to place or an alert of fraud or freezing of security for your credit. After the divorce is finalized, it reviews your report of annual credit and clarifies to any dispute or suspicious detail. * It overestimates the power of a divorce decree.

The people usually think that if the divorce sentence establishes that the other part is going to pay the joint credit card, no longer are responsible for the debt. If he is a lender or indebted Co, the company of credit cards can have responsibility, independent of the decree. You directly have comunicarte with the moneylender before finalizing the decree and discussing what you need to eliminate your debt and to reduce to the minimum the risk of credit. * It glides without a budget, especially when you are begun again after a divorce. First of all, you must determine what you need to live. Some recommend to work with a financial planner for the budget by three, five and up to 20 years from now on. It thinks about your finances from the point of view of your future. * When you are going to negotiate the division of your conjugal goods, they ten in account the budget. Once the final decree of divorce is signed, it can be difficult or even impossible to make changes. The assets obtained during the marriage are equal. When dividing the married goods it is necessary to verify his true value. The homes are particularly difficult to value because the market can fluctuate. Instead of centrarte in now, it thinks again about the future. You do not leave emotions them dominate to you. * You only want to finish in one go. He is not little frequent that a spouse gets tired of the divorce process, but although he is long, is not necessary to surrender. It spends the time working in your financial problems. If not it beams, you can end up later paying for that reason. With information of: foxbusiness.com Original author and source of the article