Internet Information

In today's world, sooner or later every organization faces the need to build your Internet presence. The reasons may be different: advertising, increased customer groups, etc. Manager charged with ensure the company website, not necessarily well-versed in all the terminology and the process of creating a website. But some of the concepts should still be aware that while working with the design studio did not arise annoying misunderstandings. The presence of the site consists of four components. The site, domain, hosting and administration.

Site. One of the most important steps in creating a site is deciding what features it will perform. All sites that offer design studio can be divided into several categories: business cards, information, online shopping, etc. For example, there are sites from which visitors will only receive the information: addresses, contacts, general information about the company and view the photos (so-called "websites, business cards," or "sites of presentation.") Sometimes these sites have a database of 20-30 items. Other sites (such as Internet-offices) can visitors to communicate with the company: to leave comments, vote. These sites usually have their own database, more complex than the first version. Here you can already have a base of 100, 1,000, and more items of goods and services. The next step – to solve a dynamic or a static site will be.

Depending on this design studio will choose the most suitable database for your website .. Domain – the name of your site in the network. It is free of charge and requires annual deductions. Also, it is required to register. When selecting the desired name, be aware that it may already be occupied. It is desirable to have on hand a few options. Hosting – specially equipped remote computer where the files be located on your site. For this you also pay money depending on tariff. The fee for hosting the site depends on the size, the load on the processor and the languages used when creating the site. AND last component – the site administration. The site should always be supervised, ie the need to constantly update and add information. Otherwise, the information will be obsolete very soon and the site will be useless both for users and for the owner. To administer the site, you can hire someone on monthly maintenance, or use one-time service. Who as appropriate. The main thing is if you order creation site design studio, keep in mind that the more information you provide future site, the easier it will be a designer to do exactly what you need.

Exchange Banners

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of such exchanges. Pros and cons of options: Benefits 1. One of the main advantages of link exchange is a citation index. The texts are much better accepted by search engines, in Unlike the pictures. If you take two Internet-based portal similar subjects, one to link to your site with anchor 'SEO Website', and the second button to hang 88×31, then returns to get links is much higher due to the fact that the link says search engines about the content of the site. Again on the contents of references will sense only when the subjects displayed the advertised resource. 2. An important point is the speed of downloads.

Sometimes the page, cluttering the heavy graphics loading more slowly. Link to download directly from the pages to be loaded immediately. Disadvantages: The disadvantage, in my opinion, one. Suppose you are sharing with the 'faulty' resource, you can kill your site acquired credibility because of that, looks like a link recommendation web masters, and not a very good recommendation, we think, a lot of good you will not. Pros and cons of banner exchange: Advantages: 1.

If you put a banner under design the resource, it will look like is not even bad. Beautiful banner can easily attach a resource mobility. 2. The visual image shows colorful site. Typically, home pages, almost never quality, skillfully painted advertising images. In a large-scale web-portal and banner worthy. 3. The image is much more visible links, especially if reklamka dynamic. 4. The picture is perceived faster than the link. Experienced through long been proved that the design is easier accepted by us. Quite often, people just too lazy to read what they say on here. 5. If you can not draw their own banner, it's easy to book banners have masters. Cons: A drawback of the advertising images are only two. 1. When you want to upload a banner, the server must connect to another server that is our banner. Then loading the image. For this action should pass a certain point in time N, it usually depends on the properties of the image and employment of the sending server information about the picture and other things. 2. It is very difficult to find an acceptable banner, so it succinctly accustomed to the design site. Pros and cons of the face. Now judge for yourself.