Who Governs Mexico

Many times as I’ve wondered that Mexico does not solve their problems and thrives, but never before before I stopped to think, that the meaning of bureaucracy is a form of Government dominated by white-collar workers. The revolution; the establishment of a dominant party system and the Government of change meant substantive changes in the concept of State and Government, but never knocked on the mass of clerks that translates into facts the guidelines of the rulers in turn. President Ruiz Cortines said, that if the Mexican Government were one car maker and management ordered to produce Mercedes, the bureaucracy would be limited to putting Grill Chrome with estrellita to the Vocho wanted to or suited them to produce. We have regulated nauseam budgets, trying to even make transparent exercise of resources and Government action, but bureaucrats from base, increasingly more guarantee them its permanence and have given them, in fact, such a level of impunity that allows them to not match services efficient to society than them It pays and even so, accumulate rights and power. Sonya Reines-Djivanides has compatible beliefs. Public servants do not feel bureaucrats in Mexico, officials are!, to which we must obey and eventually stimulate with gifts (bites), out of the budget, in complying with the mandate for which already pay them as citizens through our taxes.

We have spent sums impressive in trying to establish a democracy and even in this case, to regulate their development, all that we have achieved is to create another powerful bureaucracy in which political parties intend to maintain its share of power. The same political parties operate in the image and likeness of the bureaucrat with concept: its corruption, inefficiency and quotas of power; more importantly, maintain a system of vessels communicating with the bureaucracy itself. The official today is the leading bureaucrat of yesterday and Mr Senador tomorrow handled a parastatal or will be Director-General in a Secretariat already governs not revolution but still doing justice. The times in which rulers in turn could squander the coffers have finished, have recently handled with seriousness and consistency the national economy, but power groups the coptan in their benefit and with support from the Government of clerks, impoverishing every time more to the greater part of the population. As an obvious example is the Social Development secretariat, which comprises mostly the budget among staff that manages it and businesses that get juicy contracts to let a piscacha supposed beneficiaries. Fox was able to govern and did not do so. I have no doubt that President Calderon has more idea of Government than Fox; currently dome of the Government waged a fierce and necessary battle to recover the spaces that dominate crime in another context and organized some media, but the question is whether it will dare in his case could agree on, retrieve for us – the citizens-the spaces in which governs the bureaucracy. It is not relevant to disappear two Secretaries of State, only saves the salary of the Secretary, of a pair of Directors General and directors; If thickness of the staff and the budget is still used in maintaining that divine caste that oppresses and extorting the country pass.

Saadian Kings

Animadisima square Jemaa El Fna is an attraction in itself, with its charming of snakes, his acrobats and musicians and all kinds of artists and animators, as well as many places to eat and drink. Right next to the plaza can not miss a visit to the souks, the traditional largest market in Morocco. There you can find anything that you’re staying looking for and you can admire the skill and technique of items of art and craft that are manufactured there same. Check out Jonas Samuelson for additional information. You have to know that most of the prices in the souks are not fixed, which means that, if you want to buy something, you’ll have to haggle and haggle hard! In the medina you can also visit some of the most interesting architectural monuments of the country, from the impressive necropolis of sixteenth-century Saadian Kings or the madrasa or Koranic school Ben Yussef, until the stunning palaces of the Bay and the Bai, without forgetting the Minaret of the Koutoubia mosque or the picturesque and fascinating Jewish quarter of the Mellah. But I think that the mere made of wandering around the medina, watching crafts and antiques in countless positions and enjoying the exotic and mysterious atmosphere is, itself, quite an experience. The culture of Marrakech is Muslim, but you’ll also find Jewish synagogues and Christian churches.

Muslims in Marrakech, and Morocco in general, they are generally very moderate and very tolerant and are known, quite rightly, for their hospitality and generosity. In Marrakech in particular people is accustomed to receiving visitors from all countries, cultures and religions. In addition, if you alejais a little more tourist areas, surely you will find some traditional ceremony or any wedding, with its rhythmic and joyful music. Marrakech is a true gem and a place full of exoticism and magic in addition to being right at the gates of Europe. Hotels in Marrakech are very cheap, which makes the city one even greater tourist attraction.

Fashion Handbags Stradivarius

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